Why Link Building Is Important for Your SEO Strategy

importance of link building

Importance of Link Building in Your SEO

Something that many business owners are not familiar with when it comes to the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is the importance of link building. Link building can help to give your site and, in turn, your business the exposure you’re looking for on the internet.

Through taking the time to develop a solid link-building strategy, there is a strong possibility that you will see improvements in your overall search engine optimization approach.

What Is Link Building?

When our team brings up the importance of a link-building strategy, it’s not uncommon for many people to look at us with a blank stare. Link building is the practice of trying to have other websites with a similar niche link back to your website.

One of the leading reasons it’s essential to develop your link-building strategy is to help your website gain more traffic if a person clicks through to your link. You may notice an increase in your overall ranking, which may only help your business continue to grow.

Types of Link Building

Before you can develop a link building strategy, you must understand the distinctions between the different type of links:

Editorial links

You’ve heard in the past that content is critical when it comes to improving traffic and ranking for your site, right? Editorial links take place when you create great content that another blogger naturally links to. You must take the time to focus on finding the right keywords and present them in such a way that is appealing to potential clients.

Outreach links

If you want to collaborate with others in your niche, using an outreach linking strategy would remarkably suit you. This process entails reaching out to others and asking for their links so that you can connect them to your site.

You must do background research before you start reaching out to other blogs or business owners. For example, if that business does not have a high search ranking, it’s likely you won’t see any natural movement in your own statistics. Finding and working with quality sites may ultimately pay off in spades if done the right way.

Self-created links

Did you know that you can create links yourself? This process is prevalent for business owners because it allows them to submit these links to local niche-specific directories.

How to Track Link Building Success

Once you’ve implemented a link-building strategy into your search engine optimization plan, you must keep track of its success. This concept is similar to that of any other method you use for SEO purposes. You must see how your new strides in SEO are working out so you can implement adjustments to make them more successful in the future.

There are certain features you will want to keep an eye out for when determining whether or not your link building approach was successful such as:

  • Growth in organic traffic
  • Your link volume
  • Keyword ranking improvements
  • Site metrics from the sites you’re getting links from

How Blue Can Help With Your Link Building Strategy

The Blue Interactive Agency team in Fort Lauderdale has years of knowledge in helping clients from a variety of different industries develop a link-building strategy that can help them get the rankings and exposure they are looking for from their website.

Do you want to learn more about how our marketing experts can help you fine-tune your search engine optimization strategy through link building? Give us a call at 954-779-2801 today.