Why Using a Monthly SEO Checklist Can Help Your Business Rise in Ranking

Why Using a Monthly SEO Checklist Can Help Your Business Rise in Ranking

What Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Search Ranking

Business owners in every industry are constantly on the lookout for ways that they can attract new customers. In a technology driven age, one of the easiest ways to draw in new clients is to develop a website that provides valuable information about your company. Although this may sound straightforward, in premise, there are several features of your website that you should keep track of on a monthly basis that can help to improve the rank of your website. The most efficient way to monitor all of these important features is to develop a monthly SEO checklist. 

How to Improve Your Organic Search Ranking

When you commit to making a monthly SEO checklist, there are certain tasks that should always be included. Here are a few examples.

  • Check out the competition: Do you have a main competitor who seems to be growing in the field? You may be surprised to learn that you may actually be able to boost your SEO ranking by scoping out their website. A good rule of thumb is to perform a routine SEO analysis of your competitor’s website to see if there are any adjustments you can make on your own.
  • Keep track of keywords: Keyword research is a critical aspect of your website. It’s important to know what potential customers are searching when they are looking for something in your field. Using certain keywords will help to improve your overall ranking. You can use these keywords either in the content of your webpages or in blogs.
  • Update your website: You always want to try to update your website on a regular basis with new content. For each page or blog, you want to incorporate catchy page titles as well as meta descriptions that will intrigue a client to click on the link for your site. The wording that you use throughout your website is just as important. You want to come across as an authority in the industry so don’t forget to let your knowledge shine through each page.
  • Perform diagnostic checks: There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than when they click through a website and they come across an error on a certain page or a page takes forever to load. Running regular diagnostic checks using Google Webmaster Tools or another analysis program is the perfect way to ensure that every aspect of your website is running smoothly at all times.
  • Be conscious of search engine submissions: Any new page that you create for your website should always be submitted to all the major search engines. This helps to update each search engine with the latest addition to your site so that your new page is pulled up on any future searches.

Turn to the marketing professionals

With years of experience in the marketing industry, the team at Blue Interactive Agency is here to help you put a plan of action in place that will help to get your website noticed.  In light of the fact that putting together a monthly SEO checklist can be a challenging task at times, we take over the heavy lifting of putting together a SEO strategy that suits your business goals so that you can focus on the day to day operations of your company. Our team works closely with you to learn about your business so our approach toward digital marketing always meets your standards.

Please Contact us today at 954-779-2801 for more information.  We look forward to finding ways that will help to you promote your business.