Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Marketing Strategies for Small BusinessHow to make content marketing strategies more effective for small business

If your content marketing strategies aren’t gaining your small business the results you were hoping for, we’ve got some tips that will make them more effective. Many small business owners who enthusiastically jumped into content marketing are finding that effectively using these strategies can be a little trickier than they realized. It’s not enough to simply write a great blog or tweet some amusing comments if no one sees them; content marketing strategies for small business are only effective when they reach your target customers. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes that will help you improve the focus of your content marketing strategies to make them more effective at growing your small business’ marketing reach.

Define your marketing goals

Small business owners venturing into content marketing for the first time often take the plunge without planning out their marketing goals, and end up with a marketing message that’s a bit muddled and not very effective. If this describes your content marketing journey, take the time to step back and define your marketing goals, then refine your strategies so they are all working towards achieving that goal. Whether you want to focus on building your brand or generating online leads, you need to clearly define your goals in order to achieve the best result.

Optimize your content marketing strategies for search

SEO strategies aren’t just for your website – you can improve the effectiveness of all of the online marketing strategies your small business is using by optimizing them for search. By applying search engine optimization techniques to the appropriate elements in your content marketing strategies, you can help them reach a much wider audience. Be sure to address all these optimization opportunities to achieve the best results:

  • Optimize your written content by making sure your website, blog, and social posts include a focus keyword in the headline/title, a few relevant keywords in the body of the copy (no more than 3 or 4 at the most!), and an enticing Meta Description that contains your focus keyword.
  • Generate a higher search rank by editing the meta data on your photos, graphics, and videos to include keywords in titles, tags, and descriptions
  • Boost the performance of your videos by including links in the descriptions
  • Be sure to include long-tail search phrases that mimic the spoken phrases that are commonly used in mobile searches

Coordinate your content marketing strategies for a concerted marketing push

One of the best benefits of content marketing strategies for small business is that the interesting content you create for one strategy can be used to engage customers in others with just a little tweaking. There are many easy ways to improve your marketing strategies’ effectiveness with interactivity:

  • Tweet quotes from your engaging blog to draw customers to visit your website
  • Bundle together two or three blogs with a similar theme to send out as a targeted email newsletter
  • Turn some of your best blog ideas into slideshares, infographics, and videos to entice customers across the whole range of media types

Use analytics to tightly target your content marketing strategies

The analytics associated with all of your online marketing strategies can generate an immense amount of data for your small business that will help you better understand your customers. You can leverage these valuable insights to make your marketing strategies more effective. Focus your efforts on the marketing strategies that held your customers’ interest, get rid of the ones that garner a poor response, and you’ll soon be building your small business into a content marketing powerhouse!

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