What is Structured Data and Why Should You Use It?

  What is Structured Data and Why Should You Use It?

Structured Data: What Is it?

Structured data is something that is commonly referred to as the “language of search engines”. The reason why it has this distinction is due to the fact that structured data helps to trigger a search engine to crawl your website. In turn, you can take advantage of a search engine correctly classifying and ranking your website and see the results that you want.

Why Is Structured Data Important For SEO?

Every day, there are countless web pages that are added to various websites around the world. In the majority of cases, every person that develops a website wants to be recognized in some way, shape, or form. Although search engines such as Google are expansive, it’s challenging for search engines to attempt to keep up with the crawl requests that they get on a regular basis. Structured data makes the process of crawling and correctly ranking a website quick and efficient. 

How Structured Data Works

Structured data works by developing a schema markup which provides the search engine with the key details that it needs to correctly crawl and classify the webpage. Developing a schema markup is quick and easy and there are several websites that will allow you to develop a schema markup completely free simply by entering certain key information. From there, the site will generate a schema markup code that you can embed on the page or the post that you just published. 

 Benefits of Having Structured Data

There are several advantages of incorporating structured data in your search engine optimization strategy. Here are just a few examples of the reasons why having structured data present is important: 

  • Structured data will assist in a search engine understanding the different aspects of your business. This way you’re not limited when it comes to the related topics or results that your website may appear for as you begin to grow your website. 
  • Structured data can help your content rank more accurately. This will help you to reach your target audience and provide you with an excellent foundation for your website going forward. 
  • Are you struggling to find good and effective keywords? Incorporating structured data into your posts and pages can result in expanded keyword opportunities. Be sure that as you start to add structured data to your site, you track your ranking results as well as potential keywords. 
  • The goal of any website is to yield organic search results, rankings, and impressions. By including structured data, you will slowly but surely see an increase in your organic results which is important. These results are something that can ultimately save you time and also money because you may be able to avoid investing money into ads or other marketing opportunities. This will also help you to narrow down exactly what you want to rank for overall. 

Local SEO Experts at Blue Interactive Agency

Regardless of whether you’re trying to develop a local SEO strategy or you want your campaign to be more wide-reaching, the SEO experts at Blue Interactive Agency can provide you with the guidance that you need to reach your ranking goals. We take the time to learn more about your target audience and the services that you offer so that we can help you to put together a search engine optimization strategy that will be effective for you and provide you with the results that you want to see to grow your business. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of structured data and why you should use it in your SEO strategy, get in touch with us today!