Google’s Latest Update and What is it About?

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How Often Does Google Update Its Search Algorithm

The digital marketing world recently went into overdrive with Google’s announcement that they would be making search algorithm changes. This is something that periodically happens with the premise that Google is always attempting to make changes as a way to ensure that searchers find the answers to the questions that they have or the goods and services that they need. Sometimes, these changes are announced ahead of the time they are going to happen, however, many times these changes are announced as they are being put into place.

Google’s Latest Update – September 2022 

The focus of Google’s latest update was its helpful content feature. The premise of this feature is that it was meant to allow websites that were producing quality and helpful content to rise to the top when it comes to website rankings. This means that digital marketing consultants and business owners needed to closely monitor their rankings to ensure that their content passed the test when it comes to this new ranking factor. In an effort to be more helpful when it comes to this new update, Google provided certain questions that you could answer when it comes to your content. Although it’s important to continuously update and optimize your website, if you noticed a fall in rankings, it’s important to thoroughly review the site as well as any feedback Google Search Console provides you when it comes to the content and structure on your site so that you can adjust your site and capitalize on better rankings

How Does Google’s Latest Update Affect My Business? 

The latest Google update can have different impacts on your business. If you maintain a website that has stellar quality content, you may notice that your website increases in rankings. However, if you have a website that has limited content or duplicate content, you may have noticed that there was a substantial shift in your rankings. However, the shift in rankings is something that can indicate which pages of your site you need to focus on. 

Keep in mind that when your rankings fall, you run the risk of losing potential clients. If you were once on the first page for one of the services that you offer and you fall to any other page, there is a strong likelihood that a client will not go past the first page. Therefore, it’s critical that you look into the reasons why your rankings may have shifted and what you can do to adjust them back. 

How To Stay Up To Date With Google Core Updates 

The best way to stay up to date with Google core updates is to partner with a digital marketing company such as Blue Interactive. We believe that part of our job is to ensure that our clients remain up to date with these changes. If you’re continuing to work on your own when it comes to your strategy, Google does periodically announce when they are making certain algorithm changes. Therefore, searching for these changes, 

Improving Your Search Ranking with Blue Interactive Agency 

One of the reasons why Blue Interactive is such a trusted name in the digital marketing industry is due to the fact that we focus on keeping ourselves up to date with any updates associated with Google updates. We understand the importance of any changes in the search algorithm of Google and immediately jump into action when it comes to making adjustments to SEO strategy. For more information about these newest changes to Google or how you can change your current strategy to accommodate these changes, please get in touch with us today!