Why SEO Myths Are Becoming More Believable

Why SEO Myths Are Becoming More Believable Blue Interactive AgencySEO Myths vs The Facts

Similar to any other industry, it comes as no surprise that there are several common SEO myths that you may hear on a regular basis that can steer you away from investing in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Content marketers are often put in a position where they need to combat these myths that a person unfamiliar with search engine optimization may have heard on social media or may have seen through their own search results. Therefore, it’s important that you take the time to distinguish between facts and common SEO myths.

3 Reasons People Believe SEO Myths

There are several reasons why people outside of SEO industries tend to believe myths associated with the field. Here are three examples of reasons why business owners are often leery of incorporating technical SEO into their marketing strategy:

SEO Myths Are Repetitive

Whether you have heard it from other business owners or you’re read through something that is marketed as a “beginners guide” to optimization, it’s likely that you have heard the same myth about SEO numerous times. If you hear it so many times, it must be true, right? Wrong! There are several factors that play into search engine ranking. Something that may have been a glitch or an issue with the internal links or title tags for another group of people may have been due to a poor strategy and not because of a general SEO issue. Therefore, it’s always important that you dig into these possible myths with people that are actually in the SEO or lead generation industry and not just people who have had general experiences with it.

Myths Rank High On Google

Think about scandals or drama associated with celebrities in pop culture. Have you ever noticed that those dramas are often the first thing that you hear or read about? Myths about online marketing are no different. It’s more interesting to read about these myths sometimes which may or may not come from SEO advice. Regardless of whether you’re reading about on-page SEO or technical SEO, you should always be wary of your search queries and question the source.

Too Much Information Available

There is a substantial amount of information that makes up the ranking factor of any website. From keyword research to link buildings to on-page SEO, there is a lot of information to absorb. Part of why so many people believe SEO myths is because there is so much information about different aspects of a ranking factor. Since there is so much information, a person may grab the first thing they see about clickthrough rates or domain authority and think that this is something they need to incorporate into their web pages to boost organic traffic.

SEO Myths Are Considered “Best Practice”

Whether you’re putting together a plan which includes long-form content or you’re simply interested in a paid search campaign, it’s likely that you heard somewhere along the lines that myths associated with SEO are considered to be “best practice”. It’s important to be cautious of these “best practices” as they may not always be “best practices” for you. For instance, the approach that an e-commerce site may take will be vastly different from that of a local business. Therefore a “myth” that you may have heard may not necessarily apply to you.

How To Debunk SEO Myths

The easiest way to debunk a myth associated with SEO is to go right to the source. The digital marketing experience here at Blue has the insight and the experience to address any of your search engine optimization concerns to ensure that your strategy meets your needs. When it comes to SEO, our focus is on finding ways to improve rankings and help you to feel comfortable with the money that you’ve invested in SEO. To learn more about improving your rankings, we encourage you to get in touch with us today at 954-779-2801.