How Online Reviews Benefit Addiction Treatment Centers

How Online Reviews Benefit Addiction treatment Centers Blue Interactive AgencyBenefits of Online Reviews for Your Addiction Treatment Center

Every day there are countless people that come to the realization that not only that they have an addiction to drugs or alcohol but that they need to partner with an addiction treatment facility that can help them to overcome that addiction. When they begin to scan through their facility options, one of the first things that they tend to look at is the online reviews for the facility. Unfortunately, there are many facility owners that tend to overlook the importance of reviews on the businesses and how reviews impact a consumer’s ultimate decision.


Seeing reviews from past clients or family members can help to promote the trustworthiness of your addiction treatment center. We always recommend that you encourage former clients or family members to leave reviews that will highlight the benefits of coming to your facility and what they experienced while they were there. Even if they do not go into the details of their addiction, simply talking about their experience with your time can go a long way in helping prospective clients feel more comfortable not only reaching out to our facility but taking the next step and actually committing to coming to your treatment facility.

Use Reviews for Content

One of the best things about online reviews is that you can use them in your content. You can take the reviews that a client or family member leaves and incorporate them into seemingly any aspect of your website. Many facilities opt to take their reviews and set up a scroll on the bottom of their site so that click through to your site can see these reviews front and center on the home page of your site.

Another excellent way to use reviews in your content is by adding them into your blog content. For instance, you can take your reviews and copy and paste them into the bottom of a blog post as a testimonial or you can break up your blog by integrating different reviews throughout the post.

Reviews can add the perfect touch to e-mail blasts as well. Finishing your e-mail blast with a testimonial is a wonderful way to reinforce that the care options that you’re offering to your clients.

The Importance of Responding to Reviews

While it’s important to continue to grow and maintain your list of reviews from satisfied clients, it’s just as important that you respond to every review, whether they are positive or negative. A good rule of thumb is to set aside time every day to read through the reviews that you have. When your Google My Business account is set up correctly, you can arrange to receive an e-mail so that you know when you receive a new review. You should always take the time to read the review and put together a thoughtful but timely response. If possible, responding the same day to online reviews would be ideal because it would show potential clients that your team is responsive in all counts which is something that is important when it comes to addiction treatment and recovery.

How Blue Can Help with Your Online Review Strategy

The Blue Interactive Agency team understands the critical impact that online reviews can have on your addiction treatment center. We will work with you to help you develop your strategy for your online reviews. From finding new ways to encourage clients to give you good reviews to answering your reviews in a timely manner, we will ensure that you have a plan in place that will help you to make the most out of this important marketing tool. For more information about how online reviews can help your addiction treatment facility, please reach out to us at 954-779-2801.