EDITORIAL: Tips for High-Quality SEO Copy

Tips for High-Quality SEO Copy - Blue Interactive Agency

In a recent article, Search Engine Journal explored just what goes into producing high-quality SEO copy. After all, optimized copy for search engines can increase a business’s online exposure, boost website traffic, and increase sales of products and services. We’ll take a closer look at the article and highlight some of its key points. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

10 Elements of Good SEO Copy

By Julia McCoy, published by Search Engine Journal, May 20, 2021

“SEO is a huge driver of business success. After all, when you appear in search with content that resonates with readers, it helps increase visibility, drives traffic, and boosts conversion rates.

And yet so many people struggle with actually writing good content for SEO.

There was a time when the way to get Google’s attention was by filling content with keywords that might match what people were searching for online.

SEO was less about creating content people could use and more about appealing to Google’s algorithms.

Today, SEO has shifted from writing for machines to writing for people.

By creating useful, engaging content, businesses can more effectively meet the needs of their audience and generate leads and sales growth…

By keeping in touch with current SEO best practices and adjusting your strategy as needed, you can deliver valuable information that engages readers and earns higher SERPs.

Writing for people and Google’s algorithms will ensure you’re meeting the SEO standards of today.

Following these seven SEO content guidelines will ensure you’re solidifying success for the future.”


Our Take on The Article about Elements of Good SEO Copy:

One of the key points that the author of this article makes in addition to its 10 SEO tips is that businesses should produce content for humans–not machines. The days of writing for search engine algorithms alone have passed. The algorithms are more sophisticated; they can detect when poor quality copy or copy that’s merely loaded with keywords. 

Producing poor copy that’s not optimized for search engines or for potential customers will actually harm your digital marketing plans and will likely decrease your page ranking. By producing SEO copy that employs the best SEO practices and strategies, a business stands to enhance its page rank and online visibility.

Through the article, the author discusses some important SEO tips for producing high-quality content. Some of these, you may already be doing on your website like avoiding keyword overstuffing and creating readable content for potential customers. However, the author points to a few practices that you might not be incorporating into your copy yet.

For instance, are you incorporating a mix of media into your content? You should be. Adding video, images, and infographics can improve your SEO and also enhance the appearance of your website pages. Breaking up your text with a media mix makes your website more readable as well as more attractive to visitors. 

Also, have you installed share buttons on your website yet? You should. SEO best practices aren’t merely confined to onpage or website activity. Search engine algorithms also assess off-page SEO such as your optimized social media presence and appearance in online directories. Share buttons can help you increase your online visibility across multiple channels. 

Blue Interactive Agency can help you incorporate these and other strategies into your next SEO upgrade. SEO continues to evolve and we’re devoted to helping our clients keep up with each and every change. Contact us to learn how our digital marketing solutions can help you grow your business.