EDITORIAL: Services for Small Businesses Who Want to Grow Online Exposure

Services for Small Businesses Want to Grow Online Exposure - Blue Interactive Agency

Search Engine Watch recently published an article about eight subscription services that are helping small businesses expand or even establish their digital presence. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to move to online methods for selling their products and services. We take a look at the article’s key points about how these platforms are partnering with small businesses for a truly budget-friendly price. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Eight Platforms Helping Small Business in Digital Transformation by Ann Smarty

Published in Search Engine Watch, Feb. 17, 2021. 

“While going digital has been a hot trend for lots of businesses worldwide for a while now, many small businesses hadn’t really felt an urgent need to. Until the pandemic happened. Global lockdowns and “shelter in place” programs have transformed the way consumers shopped, got educated, and worked. For millions of businesses out there, this trend meant one important need: To go through urgent digital transformation, that is, start offering their products and services online.

Yet, most of those businesses lack both money and knowledge for digital transportation. McKinsey reports that small businesses are the most vulnerable to the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. Adopting new technologies is the major struggle small businesses are facing right now.

Luckily, technology is finally catching up. Lots of platforms are coming up with affordable solutions helping businesses go digital without the need to hire or get trained…

Digital transformation is totally overwhelming and you may feel desperate. Yet, when done right, it may also turn your small business into a global one. By taking your business online, you will uncover new growth opportunities you didn’t even imagine.” 

Here is our perspective on the above excerpt and article:

In her article, the author presents the essential information prospective clients need to know about eight genuinely well-chosen platforms that are supporting small businesses in their quest to stay afloat with digital solutions like ecommerce functionality and video ad creation. But, like anything, so much comes down to money. In the above excerpt, the author mentions “affordable solutions.” Affordable is a relative term. How much investment is she talking about here?

Fortunately, she spells it out and the good news for small, struggling businesses is that the monthly subscription costs for these platforms is actually cheap. Keep in mind, however, that even though these platforms are affordable (how does $23 per month for an ecommerce store with Wix strike you?), they are also mainly do-it-yourself solutions or, rather, do it with the assistance of these platforms’ savvy tech features. 

While the pricing for each platform varies, the cost to subscribe to them ranges between $10 – $100. For businesses who are desperate to move online, these are undeniably bargain rates. Some platforms are easier to learn and navigate than others. However, the author specifically chose online platforms that are sure to appeal to the DIY crowd. 

While these platforms are perfect for small businesses who are just getting their feet wet, they can also be viewed as a stepping stone. Once your business masters some online tools and resources and begins to understand just how vast the digital realm and its opportunities are, it may be ready to partner with Blue Interactive Agency to ramp up its digital marketing plans and capitalize on its online presence. We work with multiple types of businesses, providing them with customized marketing solutions that meet their needs as well as their budgets.