EDITORIAL: How “Life in a Day 2020” Inspires Us as Digital Marketers

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“Think with Google” recently published a piece about the film, Life in a Day 2020. The film, a followup to the 2010 Life in a Day, has won numerous accommodations for its powerful messaging, messaging that has not gone unnoticed by today’s digital marketers. 

Here is an excerpt from What 1 Ordinary Day Can Tell You about How People Are Connected around the World.

Published by Think with Google, February 2021.

“As part of YouTube Originals’ follow-up to its 2010 film “Life in a Day,” thousands of people from all over the globe picked up their cameras and shared their unique, authentic experiences in that way that only video can capture. Whether it’s a couple in the throes of infertility or skydivers reaching new heights, watching their stories across borders and circumstances gives us a glimpse into what connects all of us in this unprecedented time in history.

For marketers, “Life in a Day 2020” — directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott — is an opportunity to both understand a moment in time and explore how the democratization of storytelling, by way of digital video, continues to push the limits on craft, culture, and connection.”


Our Reflection of “Life in a Day 2020” as Digital Marketers

Here’s what we think about the film and the inspiring effects it’s having on marketing professionals:

When marketers view Life in a Day 2020, they see an immense range of differences between humans around the globe. But these differences are never presented in a contentious light in the film; in fact, they’re celebrated–the different styles of dress, the different landscapes that people call home, the different ages and ethnicities. What ultimately outshines the differences between individuals in the film is their similarities, the shared emotions and experiences. 

Witnessing this degree of shared feelings is something that marketing pros can learn from as we approach our craft and attempt to engage and communicate with people in ways that are universally relatable. We have to ask ourselves, why do we identify with the woman in tears whose greatest wish is to have children or feel delighted by the young girl’s response to the question: “what makes you happy?” when she replies, “it’s a beautiful day.”

Even the shortest filmed snippets reveal stories. Each person and each moment in their lives has the potential to be a story. The filmmakers tell stories in these short snippets of time, and that inspires us as digital marketers. We, too, can use short videos to convey emotionally riveting stories that captivate and inspire audiences. Being able to tell one’s story is what can make great marketing.

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