EDITORIAL: Using Google Trends for Traffic-Boosting Keyword Research

Using Google Trends for Keyword Research

Here at Blue Interactive Agency, we know the importance of keyword research.  We also love using tools that help us effectively get us the best results for our clients. Google Trends is a tool that can help digital marketers with their keyword research.

This article on Search Engine Watch, A Comprehensive Guide on Using Google Trends for Keyword Research, published on Feb. 12, 2021 goes into what they believe are teh 11 best ways to use Google Trends to find the best keywords for boosting traffic. Here is an excerpt: 

Find related topics

Often, even keywords not directly linked to your business can be helpful. There are other keywords that may be related but will still boost traffic.

It’s simple to do this with Google Trends. After you type in a relevant keyword, you can scroll down to find tables of related topics and related queries.

Typing in courier services, for example, will show you rising and falling trends for this search phrase. But in the related queries section, you’ll see “overnight courier services”. If you can use this as a relevant keyword, chances are your traffic will increase. Overnight…

Use long-tail key phrases

Long-tail keyphrases are defined as those that are different from general keywords. They are specific to whatever product or service you’re selling.

For example, while “running shoes” can be a generic keyword, a long-tail version of this could be “men’s running shoes with thick soles”.

As you can see, such phrases have low competition and high conversion. This is why they are so important for effective SEO…

Identify blind spots

Blind spots exist in life and also in keywords.

There are keywords that we feel are important, even though they may be generic and high-volume. There are other keywords that somehow never occur to us, even though they may be of interest to consumers.

Use various combinations of keywords, always check the related queries box, and get a wider view of the timeline. Combine these to check whether keywords are popular over time, whether there’s just a specific spike, and if there are other aspects that consumers feel are important.”

Here’s our take on keyword research with Google Trends:

The author of the article, Aayush Gupta, offers a great overview for using Google Trends in conjunction with keyword research. We’d just like to highlight a few of his key insights even further. He is getting at something we all need to embrace more wholeheartedly: advanced keyword research. We can use Google Trends to light on keywords that cursory research won’t turn up. With increasing businesses, including competitors, flocking online to attract customers and move up in search engine rank, companies have to exert more effort to maximize their keyword performance.

In short, don’t stop your keyword research once you’ve listed the basics. You’ve got to veer off the main road where alternative keywords lie in wait in the side alleys and back streets of your search. Google Trends lets you easily pinpoint related topic keywords that will be beneficial for your SEO. You can use the platform to improve your long-tail keyword phrases, and eliminate keyword blindspots that you didn’t even know you had. 

Blue Interactive Agency relies on the best, most innovative SEO tools and resources, including Google Trends to help our clients perform exhaustive keyword research. While most businesses are online and searching for the right keywords to boost organic traffic to their website, many still aren’t capitalizing on the marketing edge that Google Trends offers. At Blue, we continually develop solutions designed to give our clients the marketing edge they need to achieve their digital marketing goals.