Blue Interactive Agency Launches New Website for Yacht Brokerage

Blue Interactive Agency Launches New Website for Yacht Brokerage Fort Lauderdale Digital Marketing Agency

Yacht Brokerage Company Hails Success of New Website Designed by Blue

Blue Interactive Agency, a digital marketing company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is excited to announce the launch of its latest client website,

When John Booysen, a successful Fort Lauderdale-based yacht broker, decided to take the leap and start his own company, he turned to Blue Interactive Agency for help. Together, the digital marketing firm and the yacht broker have created a cohesive brand with a clear message and a robust online presence.

How Aspire Found Blue Interactive

Mr. Booysen was referred to Blue by another yachting professional whose business had seen tremendous growth with the marketing agency’s help. John reached out, and a creative meeting was scheduled so each company could learn more about what makes the other unique.

Mr. Booysen came to Blue with a name and a clear vision for his company. It would be called Aspire Yacht Sales (AYS), and it would fulfill a need in the yachting industry for a brokerage that aspires to build lasting professional relationships with its clients.

Mr. Booysen’s prior success as a broker was based on his strong core values of honesty and integrity. He had built lifelong friendships with his customers by earning their respect and trust. Aspire would be founded upon these same principles. Mr. Booysen just needed a great marketing company to help him communicate his message and attract customers looking for a full-service brokerage like his.

“I came to Blue to help formulate a website to market my new business in yacht brokerage providing a unique service of customer relationships,” Mr. Booysen said.

How the Partnership Formed

In initial creative meetings, the team at Blue asked many questions and listened intently to what John had to say about his company. They gained a clear understanding of Aspire’s founding principles and what would make it stand out from its competitors. They learned that in addition to focusing on customer service and ensuring clients became lifelong boating enthusiasts, Mr. Booysen wanted AYS’s branding to highlight the lifestyle and adventures possible when exploring the world on a yacht.

At the same time, Blue Interactive Agency communicated to Mr. Booysen what makes their services stand out. The team explained that many agencies would be able to build Aspire a great-looking website. What Blue could provide that others could not was next-level expertise in the field of search engine optimization. They explained that they would build him a beautiful modern website with all the functionality he was looking for. It would also be completely optimized to achieve a high ranking in search engines like Google as quickly as possible.

Many companies mistake hiring a marketing agency based purely on web design and then struggle to produce new customers from their site. It’s easy to make this mistake because businesses aren’t aware of the many unseen factors that go into how Google sees and ranks a website. Aspects like how quickly pages load, whether it works well on mobile devices, the organization, structure, and many other factors all influence how Google will apply its algorithm to a website. There’s a lot to know about what makes a website perform well. That’s why Blue operates from the philosophy, “You know your business, we know digital marketing.”

Keys to Success

John Booysen knew the purpose of his website was to help grow his new business. He needed to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and provide an easy-to-use platform for buyers and sellers to advertise and browse yachts for sale. The decision to hire Blue was made, and the team got down to work.

“I would recommend Blue Interactive Agency’s services purely from the way they presented themselves, the way they performed on services and getting everything ready and getting the website up and running in the way that they predisposed or had determined that they were going to do it,” Booysen said.

In addition to the website, Blue’s creative team also designed a logo and business cards for Aspire. The colors and style of the logo became the foundation for the aesthetic design of the website.

Final Result Speaks for Itself

Today, Blue and Aspire are proud to announce that the final site has launched, and it’s a huge success. The website is the product of collaboration and a clear expression of the client’s voice and unique selling propositions. It evokes the spirit of adventure that Aspire was hoping to convey. The site seamlessly integrates IYBA, the MLS of the yachting industry, so people searching yachts for sale can enter their search criteria and see results right on the Aspire website. As promised, the site is beautifully designed and most importantly, built for excellent functionality and performance.

“I’m very happy. My website has turned out fantastic and I certainly would recommend Blue to anybody that comes in my path”, Mr. Booysen said.