What’s The Difference Between Display and Search Ads: When To Use Each Type

Search Ads vs Display Ads

Search Ads vs. Display Ads: The Importance of Knowing When to Use Them  

Do you find yourself wondering about the difference between display and search ads? Are you confused about which ad would best suit your digital advertising strategy? 

The reality involving whether you should use search ads vs display ads typically entails specifics to your business industry. Before you can capitalize on any type of pay per click (PPC) advertisement, it’s imperative to know how each can be optimized with the correct techniques. 

What Are Search and Display Ads?  

The major difference between search ads and display ads involves how each is delivered to a potential client. Search ads will show up to a client who is looking on an online search engine like Google, while searching for a specific service. On the other hand, display ads are paid advertisements that will only pop up based on the particular audience the ad intends to target. Display ads will show on other areas of the web such as on new-related or other websites, in apps, or even in your email. They are commonly found in header, banners, sidebars of other websites you are browsing.

Reasons to Use Display Ads  

There are several reasons why your business may benefit from adjusting your PPC optimization techniques to focus on developing high-quality display ads. Here are a few of the top reasons you should think about using this approach:  

  • If your target audience may not be actively searching for your products, services, or brand this is a good way to get exposure. Maybe your intended audience doesn’t your product or service exists or maybe they just don’t know about your brand. Using targeting to reach a group of potential customers, you can put your ad in front of people you want to see it.
  • You want to target your desired audience. There are several ways you can target your audience with display advertising.  Some examples include people who are “on-market” for a specific product or service, are in your target demographic, are visiting specific websites you list, have certain interests, or other helpful criteria for targeting.
  • If you sell goods needing images, including home décor, vacation packages, or clothing, you want to ensure these items are put on full display so a potential customer can see what they would be receiving from you.
  • Do you have the flexibility to sell your products around a longer sales cycle? Using display ads would ultimately benefit you because you can build on different marketing techniques and digital strategies to improve the chance of a sale. Additionally, creating display ads gives you the option to promote your product in various niche-specific markets.  

Reasons to Use Search Ads  

Many companies opt to use search ads because they would prefer to have a higher ranking on search engine websites such as Google or Bing. Other top reasons why companies choose to use search ads vs display ads include:  

  • You have a specific product, service, or solution to something that people are searching for, search ads can the best option for you. When people are looking for a product or service they are more likely to click on a search ad result to make a purchase.
  • Suppose the company offers an emergency service like an electrician or a locksmith. In that case, using a search ad strategy will produce better results because more potential customers are more likely to rely on a search engine to look for this service than notice a picture on another website.  
  • If you’re trying to expose your business to a more local audience, a local search ad will allow the reader to confirm the service you provide is in their area.  

Why Should You Optimize PPC Ads for Search or Display?   

Regardless of whether your company should use search ads vs display ads, it would help if you always focused on creating an engaging word or image content that will attract a potential buyer. When using a search ad strategy, you want to make sure you are using specific keywords to improve your ad’s overall ranking.  

If you opt to use a display ad, you want to ensure the images you are using help expose your product in the best possible way. You will want to take the extra time to make sure the photo helps capture a specific sales message.  

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