Digital Marketing Checklist to Meet Your Business Goals

Digital Marketing Checklist to Meet Your Business Goals

Tips to Consider When Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy  

An important part of any business should be a comprehensive digital marketing strategy plan. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind that can help your business grow in the digital market to reach new customers and stay connected with current ones.  

Up To Date Website  

Regardless of what industry you’re in, people are looking to the internet to shop for your products and services. It’s imperative that you provide potential customers with a website that is informative, easy to read and has links that work.  

We also recommend that every website include a blog. This section of your site is where your expertise in your field can shine through. Adding a weekly blog to your site shows clients that you are committed to providing them with helpful, current, and relevant information.  

Great Content   

Great content is at the heart of all your digital marketing efforts.  Your website, emails, social media posts, blogs and more all rely on unique, engaging, informative content.  To create great content, try to think from the perspective of your target market or ideal client.  What problems do they have that you can solve?  How can you speak to them in a way that will engage them?  Anything that you include on your website or in an e-mail to a client should be well thought out and informative.  

Take advantage of social media  

It is undeniable that people spend a lot of time on social media these days and it is certainly something that every business should use to increase their visibility and level of engagement with clients.  Which social media platforms you choose to focus on should be determined by where your clients are.  Facebook is a great place to start.  If your business features lots of great images then Instagram might be the ideal place to showcase those.  If your business relies on connecting with other professionals, LinkedIn is a great option.  There are lots of social platforms to choose from.  Some of the most popular include: 

  • Facebook  
  • Instagram  
  • Twitter  
  • LinkedIn 

We recommend that you post to your social media accounts two to three times per week to stay top of mind and keep your audience engaged.  

Paid Search 

Buying ads on Google, or any other platform, allows your business to rank right at the top of the search engine results page.  Google ads also allow you to target your specific audience so your ads only show to the people who are most likely and convert to become customers.   

Keep in mind that you can also pay for ad space on social media which broadens the range of clients that you can attract on any given day.   

Weekly e-mail blasts  

Staying in continuous communication with clients is key to not only growing but maintaining your business. You should try to create an enticing e-mail blast at least once a week that you can send to your clients so they are kept up to date about your business or the latest news in your field. Whether you use the e-mail strategy to promote your latest blog or you use it to provide your clients with information, you should work on putting together an eye-catching e-mail that will not immediately be moved over into the trash folder.  

Call the marketing experts  

We understand that promoting your business online is time consuming. At Blue we live by the moto, “you know your business, we know marketing”. We work closely with clients to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that meets the unique needs of each business. Our team takes the time to answer your questions and address concerns so that you feel confident and at ease in your marketing approach.  


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