5 SEO Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

seo marketing ideasOur top SEO marketing tips to help you gain a higher rank

Are you committed to gaining the highest possible Google ranking this year? Of course you are! It’s no secret that the companies with the highest Google ranking receive the most traffic and best leads. What is not so well known is that there is no single SEO marketing strategy that will get every company a high ranking. One business may have great success with an SEO strategy that falls flat for another business. The businesses with the highest rankings typically have tried several SEO marketing ideas before they found the one that clicks for them. To help your business gain the highest possible Google ranking, we‘ve identified 5 SEO marketing ideas you should try this year. Put each one to the test to see what works best for you!

SEO Marketing Idea #1: Use A/B testing to make your SEO marketing more effective

Everyone in our marketing department agrees that A/B testing belongs in the top spot of our list of the best SEO tips and tricks every business owner needs to know. Because so many factors affect search rank, many business owners aren’t sure which of their SEO strategies are working. They end up investing in SEO marketing ideas without any way to measure their ROI. With A/B testing, you set up two scenarios that differ in only one aspect.   This allows you to isolate an SEO element so you can accurately measure its marketing impact. For instance, you can run two versions of a landing page with a PPC ad to see which gets the best response.  Every time you try a new SEO marketing idea this year, set up A/B testing to measure the results.

SEO Marketing Idea #2: Use social signals to boost rankings

Many businesses are not aware of the role that social media activity plays in SEO rankings. While it is obvious that sharing a social post that links back to your blog or other content helps distribute your content and drive more traffic to your website, sharing social posts from other companies is also useful.  Google considers consistent social signals as a strong indication that your website is active and up to date. Try increasing your social posting for a month to see how it affects your site ranking.

SEO Marketing Idea #3: Incorporate verbal search keyword phrases

The way that people search online is changing. Customers are increasingly relying on verbal searches through mobile devices and home assistants such as Alexa or Google Home. Verbal searches look very different from typed queries. They tend to use longer phrases rather than words,use questions in first person, and they tend to get more accurate results. For example, a typed searcher might look for “SEO marketing strategies, “ which can bring up very different results from the verbal query, “what SEO marketing strategies should I use”. Test these longer verbal search keywords to see how they affect your ranking.

SEO Marketing Idea #4: Adjust your meta descriptions

It’s easy to overlook the impact of meta descriptions, but those mini-descriptors often provide the initial impetus for someone to click on your link. Rework the meta descriptions for your webpages, approaching  the task as if you were writing a PPC ad that needs to be as compelling as possible.  Stack your AMP site against your desktop version and see which your readers prefer.

SEO Marketing Idea #5: Update your old content

This is one of our top SEO tips for companies that have a significant backlog of content. Posting high quality content is one of the most effective ways to raise your ranking, but creating new content takes a considerable investment of time (or money). When you update your old pages, Google sees them as recent additions to your site. That can translate to a big boost in rankings since Google gives top ranking to websites that can provide up to date, relevant answers to searches. Updating your old content çan give your site a big ranking boost without having to create a lot of new content.

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