4 Reasons to Leave Ad Creation to Google Advertising Professionals

google advertising professionalsDiscover the benefits of hiring a Certified Google Partner for your Google AdWords campaigns

Creating a Google AdWords campaign may seem like an easy task – just choose your keywords, create some ad copy and click a few settings, and you’re ready to go. The truth is, while it is easy to set up Google Ads, there are many missteps you can unknowingly make with pay per click campaigns. Those mistakes could end up being quite expensive for your company, causing you to overspend your marketing budget or even steer potential customers away from doing business with your company. Before you decide to tackle Google AdWords on your own, consider these four reasons why you should leave Ad creation to Certified Google Advertising Professionals.

#1: Your company could be associated with negative searches

Having your ad appear in relation to negative terms is one of the common problems that occur when businesses try to manage their Google AdWords on their own. If your company provides nursing services, the last place you want your ad to appear is for searches for “dangerous nurses,” or “bad nurses”. If you leave out any of the alternatives from your negative keyword list, you could end up wasting money on useless clicks. Worse, potential customers may end up associating your business with negative qualities.

#2: You could end up wasting money on useless clicks

There are so many AdWords settings that need to be adjusted for each advertising campaign that it is easy to overlook some critical elements. Inexperience can lead you to spend too much money on the wrong keywords without ever realizing your mistake. These oversights could cause you to quickly run though your AdWords budget, wasting money on useless clicks instead of generating useful leads.  Some of the typical ways businesses new to Google AdWords lose money on campaigns include:

  • Appearing for the wrong location
    If you fail to correctly use the location-based modifiers to define the geographical region where you want your ad to appear, you could end up being charged for useless clicks as your ad appears in cities, states, or even countries where you don’t do business.
  • Appearing for the wrong keywords
    Keyword selection is trickier than it first appears. Poorly selected keywords could cause your ads to appear for searches only slightly related to your company.
  • Appearing for everything
    If you don’t set the parameters for your AdWord campaigns correctly, your ad could end up appearing for virtually any search that includes your keywords, even if they have nothing to do with what you offer.

#3: AdWords campaigns need to be actively managed

Ad creation is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to have a successful AdWords campaign, your Ads need to be actively monitored, tracked, and optimized. When you hire Google Advertising Professionals who are Certified Google Partners, they are trained to understand how to interpret analytics and apply the information to manage your campaigns. They can track leads, sign-ups, and other actions, then use the information to refocus your campaigns on keywords that deliver conversions not just clicks. Google Certified Partners have the skill and knowledge to take advantage of changing trends as they occur to get the best ROI for your marketing spend.

#4: Certified Google Advertising Professionals are trained to the highest standards

Before you hire a Fort Lauderdale advertising agency to manage your AdWords campaigns, make sure that the agency is a Certified Google Partner. To become a Certified Google Partner, agencies have to undergo hours of intense training and testing to earn their Certification. To maintain Certification, the agency needs to continue with ongoing training so they are always up to date on the latest trends emerging in search.

There are a lot of online marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale that offer AdWords services, but only Certified Google Partners have the badge that proves they have met the requirements set by Google. If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale advertising agency to manage your AdWords campaigns, consider hiring Blue Interactive Agency. We are a Certified Google Partner, so you can feel confident you will get the best results when you leave your Ad creation to us. As Certified Google Advertising Professionals, we have the necessary training, expertise, and experience to get the best possible ROI for your AdWords campaigns.

Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 to enjoy the peace of mind and high ROI that comes from leaving your AdWords creation to Certified Google Advertising Professionals!