Digital Marketing Trends 2018: What You Should Jump On

Digital Marketing Trends 20185 Hot digital marketing trends you should use in 2018

Micro-moments, influencers, video marketing, and more – discover which digital marketing trends your business needs to focus on in 2018. With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to look at the hottest digital marketing trends 2018 will bring. Looking at the performance of online marketing channels over the past year is a start. Combining that information with experts’ best guesses on what’s ahead can help you plan a winning digital marketing strategy for the coming year. Keep reading for the scoop on the five top digital marketing trends of 2018 and why you should jump on them now!

Digital marketing trend #1: Mastering mobile search ‘micro-moments’

With the rise in smartphone use, we’ve all gotten used to having instant access to information anytime and anywhere we want it. Where we once used to turn to the Internet to research larger purchases, we’ve become so accustomed to easy access to information that we reach for our phones before making any purchase, even smaller ones such as groceries or makeup.

When considering a purchase, life choice, or other decision, the majority of us (96%, according to Google) turn to our smartphones and search for advice.

At these ‘micro-moments,’ businesses that provide accurate answers and meet customers’ needs can score a major marketing win. Each micro-moment of search presents brands with the opportunity to build customer trust and develop a new loyal following.

Making the most of marketing micro-moments is a digital marketing trend that is expected to continue growing in 2018. Look for brands to develop mobile-centric search strategies, with heavy investment in SEO optimized content that is rich in the keywords and phrases used by customers searching on smartphones and mobile devices.

Why you should jump on this digital marketing trend: Mastering voice search ‘micro-moments’ will help you grow your customer base in 2018.

Digital marketing trend #2: Video marketing

Video marketing is on track to increase exponentially in 2018. There was an incredible upsurge in the number of businesses successfully using video marketing in 2017. Now that those businesses have achieved such impressive results, more companies will embrace video in the coming year.

The latest figures from HubSpot show that video is one of the strongest online marketing trends 2018 will see. 81% of businesses who used video marketing linked it to a direct increase in sales, and 83% believed that video marketing gave them a good ROI.

Given these results, it’s not surprising that almost all businesses (an incredible 97%!) that used video marketing in 2017 plan to invest in the marketing strategy in 2018. Video marketing on YouTube and Facebook in particular is expected to see big gains in the coming year.

Why you should jump on this digital marketing trend: Adding video to your online marketing strategies can increase your sales in the coming year.

Digital marketing trend #3: Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is poised to be one of the hottest social media marketing trends in the coming year. In 2017, as traditional marketing channels such as television and print ads became significantly less effective, influencer marketing stepped in to take a prominent role. The marketing value of influencers is expected to continue increasing in the coming year.

Influencers are individuals with a large social reach that gives them the power to influence (or encourage) the purchasing decisions of their audience. Influencers can range from celebrities with millions of followers on social media to micro-influencers followed by just a few thousand fans.

Converting customers into influencers is a cost-effective way to improve your social marketing reach.

A recent report from Linqia found that 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017, and that 92% of those who used it found the marketing strategy to be effective. An early report from Bust Media found that influencer marketing realized an impressive ROI, generating $6.85 in earned media value for every $1 spent.

Why you should jump on this 2018 digital marketing trend: Converting a social follower to an influencer can dramatically increase your social media marketing reach.

Digital marketing trend #4: Investing in content creation and distribution

Content marketing has proven to be highly effective marketing tool – so effective, in fact, that competition for readership has become fierce. Content marketing tops the list of online marketing strategies that businesses will use in 2018, so the need to produce and effectively distribute engaging content will certainly increase in the coming year.

According to MarketingProfs’ latest content marketing report, 38% of respondents will increase their investment in content creation in 2018. While larger brands can support in-house content development teams, many small businesses will find it more productive to work with agencies that provide professional content creation services.

Using the right distribution channels can mean the difference between reaching your target audience and having your content overlooked. Professional content creation teams are experienced at connecting with customers. They know how to present your brand story so it resonates with customers and reaches them on a personal level.

Why you should jump on this 2018 digital marketing trend: Investing in professional content creation and distribution services can enhance your ability to reach your desired audience.

Digital marketing trend #5: Analyzing ‘big data’

Digital marketing strategies produce incredible amounts of information on customers, their interests, and their online behavior. Businesses that put this information to use can refine their marketing strategies and make them more effective.

Marketing analytics software can track customers’ online behavior and apply the insights to formulate effective marketing strategies. These programs are becoming more sophisticated and better able to anticipate the best approach to achieve desired marketing goals.

In 2018, expect more businesses to use big data to formulate and refine their marketing strategies. Applying the insights gleaned from ongoing marketing efforts will result in campaigns that are more tightly focused and relevant to the desired audience.

Why you should jump on this 2018 digital marketing trend: Analyzing what big data reveals about your customers will make your digital marketing strategies more effective.

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