Improve Your ROI for Paid Advertising

Improve Your ROI for Paid Advertising7 effective ways to improve your PPC advertising ROI

PPC campaigns underperforming?  We have some tips that are certain to help improve your ROI for paid advertising.  Pay per click advertising offers several advantages that make it an attractive marketing tool for businesses. It’s easy to create ads, doesn’t require a large investment, and offers a lot of customization options. But just because it’s easy to get started with PPC, it doesn’t mean your campaigns are going to be an instant success. There is a lot of competition for clicks and getting noticed can sometimes be a little difficult. If you are looking for ways to improve your return on PPC ads, these seven tips will help.

Use Ad extensions

Using Ad extensions can significantly improve your ROI for paid advertising. There is no extra charge to use Ad extensions, and they can make your ads more detailed and more effective. The most useful extensions include Location (lets you show ads with a map, address, or distance), Sitelink (links to specific pages in your website) and Call (customers can reach you instantly).

Use retargeting

If you haven’t tried retargeting to improve PPC advertising ROI yet, you’ve almost certainly have it used on you. Whenever an ad from a site you looked at earlier suddenly appears while you are browsing to to other websites, that’s retargeting at work. You insert tracking pixels on your webpages that keep track of visitors after they leave your website. Google has several different ways to target your campaigns, so you are certain to find one that works the best for your business. Because your ads are being shown to people who already have expressed an interest in your business, you can achieve a much better ROI.

Go social

Many businesses are finding they can achieve a much higher ROI on PPC ads by turning to social media sites instead of search engines. Facebook Ads have different targeting options, allowing you to target customers more precisely using demographics and interests instead of their search subjects.

Improve your quality score

Make your ads more relevant to improve your quality score. Quality score is how Google rates the quality and relevance of your keywords and PPC ads. Improving your quality score will lower your cost per click and your cost per conversion. It can also help you gain a higher position for your ads.  Improving your quality score can significantly improve PPC advertising ROI.

Create custom landing pages

When customers click on your ads, they don’t want to have to search through your website to find the products or services they just expressed interest in. Creating custom landing pages for each of your PPC ads that have dynamic headlines, compelling explainer text, and a powerful CTA can drastically  improve your conversion rates. Adding a targeted landing page will also increase your quality score, which can lower your costs to further increase your ROI.  Run A/B tests to find the most effective landing pages for each of your ads.

Allot some Ad spend for Bing

Don’t forget Bing when you are trying to figure out how to improve your ROI online. Businesses often overlook Bing Ads when allotting their PPC spend, but that’s a mistake. Bing powers 1 in 3 searches in the US, according to their latest figures. Spreading your PPC ad spend to the Bing network lets you reach customers who search through Bing, Microsoft (Windows 10), Yahoo, and AOL. There’s less competition on Bing, and many businesses find they have lower CPC, higher ad position, and higher CTRs than they had advertising on Google.  Bing is also the search network used by Amazon devices, allowing you to reach people who use voice search with Alexa (a group that has been growing exponentially this year).

Analyze your results

Link Google Analytics and AdWords to get an in-depth analysis of the results of your PPC campaigns. Examine your bounce rate, conversions, and more. Apply the information to tweak your keywords, landing pages, conversion text, and other elements for better performance.  Then use the information to make informed decisions about your budget and bids.

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