6 Professional Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Effective Social Media MarketingWondering how to make your social media marketing more effective? Follow these six tips from the pros at Blue!

Want some tips on effective social media marketing?  You’re not alone – at least 91% of those surveyed wanted to know how to make their social media marketing tactics more effective, according to the 2017 Social Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner. By now, most people have at least some experience using social media in their personal life.  Learning how to use social media marketing effectively to help your business is a bit different. We know it can be helpful to get pointers from companies that do this for a living, so the marketing pros here at Blue have put our heads together to come up with our best professional tips for effective social media marketing. Use them to start making your social marketing strategies more effective today!

1. Use a content calendar

Using a content calendar tops our list of professional tips for social media marketing. Posting consistently is the key to building an effective social marketing strategy. When you are trying to keep up with several social networks, each with multiple posts every day, it is all too easy to let some content fall through the cracks. That’s why the pros use social media content calendars that make it easier to manage and plan social media content. Try downloading HubSpot’s free content calendar templates to get started!

2. Limit yourself to three or four social networks

Sometimes companies try to connect on too many social networks at once. Instead of gaining more customers, this social marketing strategy just dilutes your efforts and makes all your social sharing rather ineffectual. Concentrate on just three or four of the top social networks that your customers use. For most companies, that means Facebook and Twitter, along with another strategy that resonates with your customers. For example, Instagram works well for hotels, and travel agencies, while Pinterest is holding strong for restaurants. If you’re not sure what to use, try asking your customers to weigh in!

3. You have to invest time to see great results

Here is a social media marketing tip you may not want to hear, but it is important to remember: like most forms of marketing, social media marketing is more effective when you invest more time. Almost all marketers who invest six or more hours a week on social marketing found it generated exposure and increased engagement, and more than half said it helped them earn new business. And don’t get discouraged if it takes you awhile for your social marketing to help your business. More than half of the marketers who used social media for more than two years report it helped them improve sales, compared with just 40 percent who used them for 12 months or less.

4. Use polls to gain marketing intelligence

Everyone loves participating in fast surveys and polls on social media, and your customers are no exception. Instead of polling just to increase engagement, pros use polls to gain valuable marketing intelligence. Use polls to find out your followers’ favorite social networks, type of marketing they like the best, and other information that you can use to make your social media marketing more effective.

5. Automate your posts with a social media management program

Social media marketing is more effective when you post throughout the day. Professional social medial marketers use automated management programs that upload social posts at the optimal times throughout the day. This is one of our favorite social media marketing tips because it allows you to time your tweets (and posts) for when they will be most effective without continually interrupting your day.

6. Track your social marketing for the best results

A majority of professional marketers (73%) analyze their social media activities. If you’re not examining the analytics from your social marketing strategies, you are throwing away valuable intelligence that you could use to make your marketing more effective. Examining which posts generate the most clicks and shares will help you refine your social marketing efforts to deliver more of what your customers are looking for.

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