5 Ways Using Content for Lead Generation Works

Using Content for Lead GenerationUsing Content for Lead Generation on Your Site Really Works: Here’s How

Everywhere you look, content marketing is being hailed as the most effective online marketing strategy for businesses who need to gain new leads. That’s good news, because generating traffic and leads is the top challenge for 63% of marketers according to HubSpot. If you are new to content marketing, the link between publishing blogs or posts on social networks and generating leads may not be immediately apparent. Here’s a breakdown of how using content for lead generation really works.

Content marketing raises your SEO value

One of the most effective ways that content generates leads online is by raising your website’s search profile. Publishing content helps raise your SEO ranking in several ways. Blogs give you a way to add the latest trending keyword to your website, something that Google, Bing, and other search engines consider when assigning rank. Search engines also look for fresh content when assigning positions in search results. Because content marketing raises your website’s SEO value and helps it gain a higher position in search ranks, it helps generates more leads.

Content marketing establishes your expertise

Content marketing generates leads by building confidence in your expertise.  When customers are looking for a company to work with, they want to know that they are hiring the best. If you need surgery, you don’t go to a doctor who has performed a few operations. You call the doctor who is an expert in the field. In the same manner, prospective customers want to deal with businesses whose competence they trust.

Blogging gives prospective customers a way to measure your competence. When you publish well-written blogs about issues related to your field, you demonstrate your expertise. Prospects get to see that you have a broad understanding about the challenges they face, and they gain confidence that you are the best answer to their needs. Including an email contact form at the end of all your blogs generates direct leads from visitors once they gain confidence in your expertise.

Content marketing helps you reach new customers

90% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses, according to Social Media Examiner. And gaining exposure is the first step to generating more leads. As you publish content on your website and publicize it with social media posts, you gain access to a completely new circle of prospective customers. When customers are introduced to your products and services through the social media feeds of their friends and families, there is a built-in level of trust for your company. These new contacts go to your website to see your blogs, videos, and other content, learn what your company has to offer – and you gain new leads.

Content marketing builds traffic

One of the things to remember about lead generation through content marketing is that it doesn’t happen overnight. When you produce content that provides the best answer to searchers’ questions, Google directs visitors to your website and introduces you to a new audience. As your content strategy develops, consistently publishing informative blogs will help you develop a readership of high-value visitors who are interested in your products and services. You gain a pool of interested, pre-qualified leads who already know what you can offer, and a high-traffic website that will continue to generate new leads in the future.

Content marketing builds good will

As we answer the question, how does content marketing generate leads, it is important to make sure that the content you create is informational rather than promotional. When you create blogs, videos, e-books, and social media postings that are relevant to your customers, you give them a valuable asset. Posting it for free or for an email address shows that you are invested in your customers’ success.

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