5 Must Read Tips for Improving your Website SEO

How improving your website SEO can raise your position in results and your bottom line

Improving your Website SEOHas your website’s search rank fallen over the last year? We have some must-read tips for improving your website SEO you’re going to want to see. If you’ve followed all the standard search engine optimization guidelines and your website is still disappearing from search results, Google’s latest changes are probably to blame. Google has made some significant changes to its algorithm over the past 18 months or so, and those changes will continue rolling out this year. Website owners who fail to update their sites to meet the latest SEO standards are going to see their search rank continue to fall. If you are trying to change your website’s no-show status, we have five tips for improving your website SEO that will help your website gain the high visibility it needs to attract more customers.

Optimize for RankBrain

RankBrain, a machine-learning AI system, is now one of Google’s most important ranking signals. It looks for contextual based answers to users’ queries, so some website owners may need to change how they use keywords and create content. To improve your website SEO by optimizing for RankBrain, create content for your website that answers unique queries relevant to your customers. Use semantically linked terms along with keywords, and make sure keywords appear organically throughout the content, rather than simply dropped in. Making these changes will help Google’s RankBrain to recognize your webpage as providing the best answer, one of the key factors in a successful website SEO strategy.

Publish an interesting blog

If you are wondering, “How can I improve SEO for my website?” the quick answer is start writing a blog. Adding a daily or even weekly blog will help your website meet many of Google’s ranking factors that determine your site’s position in search results. A blog gives you a way to add fresh, relevant content with the latest trending keywords, so your website has the answer to the searches your customers are performing now. An informative blog drives traffic to your website, allowing you to reach more customers and build your domain authority. The constant addition of new content to your website shows that it is an up-to-date, relevant source of information.

Make your website mobile-friendly

The need to optimize for mobile has been dominating discussions on how to improve SEO now that Google has made mobile-friendliness one of its top ranking factors. Most organic searches are performed on mobile devices, yet the majority of small business owners still have sites that are not mobile-friendly. Upgrading to a responsive, mobile-friendly website design can add a big SEO boost that will greatly improve your website’s position in search results.

Optimize for voice search

One of the most effective ways to improve your website SEO is by optimizing for voice search. More than half of all searches are performed using smartphones or tablets now, where users typically rely on voice search rather than using a keyboard. Queries made through voice search are more conversational and less formal, so you should include long-tail phrases formatted like verbal questions among your keywords. Try saying the keyword phrases aloud to make sure they sound natural questions you would ask a friend.

Speed up your website’s load time

The same videos and images that make your website such a visual treat may be killing your load time and significantly lowering your website’s position in search results. Some of the spiders that search engines use to crawl webpages time out when sites take too long to load, and website visitors have an even shorter window for load time. One study found that 40 percent of website visitors would go to a competing site if a webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure all visual content is optimized for size and eliminate any unnecessary code. If your site is still loading slowly, take a look at where your site is hosted. Upgrading to a dedicated server or VPN can significantly speed up the time it takes your website to load.

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