4 Reasons Your Business Should Be Tracking Inbound Phone Calls

Pro Marketing Tips: 4 Reasons Your Business Should Be Tracking Inbound Phone Calls

Marketing TipsLooking for a way to punch up the power of your PPC, email, and other digital marketing strategies? Start tracking your inbound phone calls. If you’re like most business owners, you invest a considerable amount of time, effort, and money into your digital marketing strategies. You know your PPC, email, and social marketing strategies must be working because the customer calls are rolling in.   What you probably don’t know is which of these strategies are driving your phone traffic. You could ask everyone who calls in how they found your phone number, but you’ll end up annoying your customers without getting a lot of useful data. Call tracking can show you which of your digital strategies are generating your inbound phone calls.  

The concept of call tracking is surprisingly simple. Using call tracking software and a special line of code that you insert into your webpages, landing pages, and social strategies, you set up a different phone number for every online marketing campaign you run. When customers call in, the software will show you how and where the customer found your number to make the call.  Here are the top 4 reasons why your business should be tracking inbound phone calls now:

You’ll know your customers better

When you know the exact marketing strategy or campaign that prompted your customers’ calls, you get a head start on meeting their needs. You know what is important to them, so you can frame your conversation to emphasize the topics that will drive the sale. For instance, if they reached you through a campaign highlighting how reliable your services are, you can start your discussion with that and save the pitch about your low prices for later.

You can streamline your marketing budget

Once you analyze the data you get from your call tracking software, you’ll be able to see which of your inbound marketing strategies generated each call. You’ll be able to identify which marketing campaigns are effective at motivating customers, and which aren’t generating an adequate response. That will help you determine which marketing strategies are worth the effort and which need to be overhauled or dropped completely. This information will help you to streamline your marketing budget so you’re only paying for strategies that work.

You can supercharge your PPC campaigns

Tracking your inbound calls shows which keywords are getting the best response. You’ll be able to direct your PPC campaigns to take advantage of the keywords that work. You can also incorporate the best performing keywords into your other digital marketing strategies to improve their performance.

You’ll have measurable marketing results

One of the difficulties of digital marketing is trying to demonstrate the ROI of your efforts. Without hard data you can show your company, it can be hard to convince them to allocate marketing spend into digital channels. When you track the source of inbound calls, you get solid campaign performance data that clearly shows the results of your online advertising.

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