Improving Your Email Marketing Campaigns

A guide to improving the implementation and results of your business’ email marketing campaigns

Improving Your Email Marketing CampaignsThose of you who don’t regularly check emails, raise your hand… No one? Let’s face it, we all do, and pretty much daily, if not multiple times per day.  That’s why email marketing is such an effective tool to reach customers and grow your business. When done correctly, it’s one of the most successful things you can do as a business owner. That’s a very general scope, so let’s focus our gaze a bit tighter on the how to go about improving your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing For Small Business      

Email marketing for small business has many facets to it. One of the first to consider is having great landing pages to direct your subscribers that offer great information relevant to the email. Why are landing pages so useful? They allow your email to be more concise and don’t clutter up your web page. They’re great destination pages that customers who really want what you’re offering in the email can head to.  It’s kind of like a present waiting for them should they decide to click to the landing page. When you email subscribers (we’re about to get to that segment of the buying population), make sure you’re delivering specific information that gets them to your site, as well as linking them to your landing page.  Just getting them to your web page isn’t enough. There’s a momentum factor that keeps them going farther with your landing page. You don’t want to lose out on that flow.

Viewers Into Subscribers, Subscribers Into Customers

Getting viewers to become subscribers is tremendously beneficial to accruing business.  How do you get viewers to become subscribers? You can acquire massive amounts of subscribers via gated content. Gated content is that which only subscribers can access. It gives them a feeling of exclusivity and importance. There is real value in it, because many people like getting extras that come with “membership.”  You can offer up discounts, guides, free services, or any number of incentives that can give a little push for viewers to become subscribers.  If that doesn’t seem to be working as well as you hoped– ask. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  When you post a blog, which you should be doing regularly, you can always write something to the effect of, “If you like what you just read, check out more by subscribing to my feed.” One bonus with subscribers is when you post a blog, they receive an email notification, which gives them a reason to go to your page. You don’t have to keep reminding them you just blogged.

Personalize Your Emails. Connect With Subscribers

Try to find out about subscribers; maybe it’s their favorite football team or most hated food.  That’s enough to personalize and customize your emails.  Don’t write one generic email for the masses. Draw them in on an individual basis.  Research has shown click-through rates increase by as much as 35% when you gear a personal touch in your emails. You may also obtain personal information based on a “like” or comments directed on your blog. Customers love to feel special, that they’re connected to you.  It empowers them.  When they’re empowered, they purchase, and you win. By allowing to select products or services they are interested in, you can easily tailor different messages to each customer subset.

Improve Email Marketing.  Make it Mobile-Friendly

If you’re reading this, you may very well be doing so from a cell phone.  Face it– we’re always on our phones.  They’re accessible, where computers live in designated spots.  So, you can improve email marketing efforts by making your site, blogs, and emails mobile-friendly.  Content that looks good on the cell phone may encourage consumers who might simply be waiting for their oil change to subscribe.  More than a third of cell phone users utilize that device rather than their laptop or desktop.  It’s a huge population you need to be hitting.  Find that segment of consumers where they are at the moment, not where they might be while watching TV after work.

Remember, 91% of consumers say they check their emails at least once on a daily basis.  Data has also shown email resonates nearly eight times better than social media.  And it nets you twice as much ROI on pay-per-click.  It stands to reason that an effective email marketing campaign will boost your business demonstratively.  If any of this sounds confusing, don’t waste time scratching your head.  Blue Interactive Agency is at your service to enlighten, enable, and empower you to grow a healthy, robust email marketing campaign.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to BIA at (954) 779-2801 and get your business on the fast track to bigger bucks.