How Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Business 

Tapping Into the Power of Inbound Marketing Can Boost Your Business
Inbound MarketingYou get home from work, head to the mailbox, and discover that 80% of what’s in there is advertising of some sort.  You somewhat affectionately refer to it as “junk mail.”  It doesn’t interest you, almost irritates you, and it likely has a one-way ticket to the garbage can.  Then, you sit down for dinner with the family for the nightly bonding experience, when the phone rings. It’s a telemarketer on the other end.  You’ve gone from slightly irritated to very annoyed.

You’ve just experienced outbound marketing from the consumer perspective.

Let’s say your workplace is a business you own, and the light bulb just came on—the realization that what just took place during dinnertime is the method you’ve been utilizing.  You now understand you have to change things up.  You don’t want to enrage potential clients.  You want to entice them. Inbound marketing can help your business.
What Exactly Is Inbound Marketing? 

Inbound marketing is a fairly new concept in communicating with possible future customers.  As opposed to the on-the-edge-of-obsolete outbound marketing, which floods consumers with unwanted advertising– inbound marketing lets those who are interested in your goods and services find you.

Now, you can’t just sit there and wait.  Those customers are not going to just knock on your door and hand you money.  There are certain inbound marketing strategies you need to enact to ramp up revenue.  Many businesses have put into play inbound marketing strategies (such as content marketing, social media, email, and search engine optimization) as essential tools for B2B and B2C interaction.  Why wouldn’t they?  And why wouldn’t you. A recent study indicated that use of inbound marketing has shown an increase in marketing ROI up to as high as 300%.  In addition, it can reduce lead acquisition costs as much as 60%.

How To Get Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Up And Running

Start a Blog.  Use SEO practices.  Make the connection.  Your potential clients all begin as strangers.  They move to the visitor stage, then leads, and eventually customers, who you hope will continue to buy your product and spread the word.  When you are blogging or placing ads, make sure to use keywords that fit the description of your product in an ideal fashion that will attract viewers.  Remember, web visitors will start the buying process online with words and phrases that indicate exactly what they’re searching for.  This is paramount to obtaining and piquing interest.  If they’re not interested in seconds, they’ll move on, and your business will be a distant memory faster than you can say, “Poor SEO execution.”  In blogs and ads, use content that is rich and relevant to what the customer desires.  Grab them quickly.  Make them want to click on your site.  Make them happy they did decide to visit your page.  This is free marketing, free advertising.  Know this: 90% of the links searchers click on is organic, not paid.

This Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

The utilization of inbound marketing is a long-term commitment.  Watch for trends and make sure your keywords are up to date.  Put a plan of analytic usage in place to see what’s working and what might need tweaking or even overhauling.  You might have nailed it initially, but things change and so do people.  Don’t rest on the laurels of early success, and don’t get dismayed if customers aren’t lined up around the corner after the first day you’ve begun inbound marketing.  It’s all a process to achieving greater revenue.  But make no mistake—cramming advertising down people’s throats is no longer an effective method of marketing.  With the inbound style, you’re simply putting your product in front of those who are looking for what you have to offer.  And by doing it right, it can be a convincing and powerful tool to locking up future business.

There are literally hundreds of Inbound Marketing Services at your fingertips.  Perform a search, as would your potential clients, to find what you’re looking for.  Blue Interactive Agency is one such company that will vivaciously assist you with any inbound marketing needs you have.  Don’t hesitate to call at (954) 779-2801.