Why You Need a Responsive Website Design

How a responsive website design can ensure your long-term success
Responsive Website DesignIf you are wondering whether a traditional, mobile, or responsive website design is the right choice for your company, we’ve got some statistics and information that may help you decide. The Internet has become a multi-screen arena, where customers now access websites using a variety of devices, from laptops and smartphones to tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles. Insights from the Global Web Index show that 80% of consumers use a smartphone to access the Internet, 47% access the Internet through a tablet, and 37% through a games console. Combine that intelligence with a 2014 mobile behavior report from Salesforce that reveals that 83% of consumers said that a seamless experience across all their devices is somewhat or very important, and it is clear that having a website that delivers great performance on every device is essential to your company’s long-term success. There are a number of reasons why you need a responsive website design to ensure your company’s long-term online success, including the following:

Responsive website design provides a flawless, seamless performance on every device

The various mobile devices customers use to access your website have differing screen sizes, resolutions, and input interfaces. Just think about the huge differences in the screen sizes and input methods of smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. Traditional websites offer only one configuration, and mobile websites only provide two. When you choose a responsive website design, your site automatically adjusts to provide the best performance based on the parameters of each individual device. Instead of imposing options that may not be suitable or easy to use with the users’ devices, responsive web design accommodates the device, providing navigation elements that adjust for convenient access, type that is sized according to the screen used to access it, etc. This flexibility allows responsive website design to deliver flawless, seamlessly perfect performance that keeps customers happy no matter what device they use.

Responsive website design provides long-term compatibility

The way we access the Internet is constantly evolving, with new devices appearing on an almost daily basis. Since traditional and mobile web design consists of creating web pages to fit specific device parameters, you will need to keep adjusting and updating your site as new devices become popular. By contrast, responsive web design instead relies on code that adjusts to whatever device your customers are using. When you choose a responsive design for your website, the elements on each webpage automatically flow to fit each device’s performance parameters, sparing you the expense of updating your website each time new devices become popular.

Responsive website design helps you gain a higher position in search results

The numbers of visitors your website receives is a relevance indicator that Google considers when assigning search rank. Mobile websites are essentially two websites side by side, with a different URL for the mobile and desktop versions of each webpage. This splits the credit each webpage gets for visitor traffic, making it harder to gain a high position in search results. Responsive web design doesn’t require you to divert your visitors into mobile and desktop versions of each page, so each page of your site gets credit for the total number of visitors that view it, no matter how they access it.

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