Monthly SEO Services

What services should be included in a monthly SEO service contract?
Monthly SEO ServicesTaking care of all the SEO chores that are necessary to secure a high search position for your company’s website can be a bit overwhelming. In fact, sometimes it can feel like you’re trying to run a zoo.  Creating content for the daily feedings of voracious social media sites, keeping track of Pandas and Penguins and Hummingbirds, coming up with interesting content to keep the Google monster happy… it can be a bit much when you’re already busy managing a successful company. That’s why a monthly SEO service contract can be such a lifesaver. Once you find a reputable agency to provide monthly SEO services, you can return your focus to making your business a success. The full range of services that should be included in a monthly SEO service contract includes:

On Page Optimization

This is the first step of search engine optimization, and it needs to occur on a monthly basis, as they address what happens on your website from an SEO perspective to help establish a high position in search results. These SEO services need to be properly performed each month to improve your website’s search performance, extending your marketing reach so you can connect with more customers.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis – The SEO services package should include researching the currently trending keywords and phrases customers are searching for in your industry. This includes finding long-tail phrases that mimic the conversational tone that mobile users adopt with verbal searches.
  • Competitor SEO Analysis – Analyzing your competitors’ search performance is a key step towards establishing market domination. The SEO agency should examine and analyze your competitions’ keyword choices and backlinks, as well as their social media strategies. As part of your monthly SEO services package, the agency should incorporate lessons from your competitors’ success to devise strong SEO strategies for your company
  • Website Optimization – Making certain all the elements on your website are optimized for the best performance in search is not a one-time event; it needs to be performed on an ongoing basis. That requires the incorporation of top trending keywords into the title tags, Meta tags, and alt tags on the new pages added to your website during the month.
  • Fresh Content Creation – Adding new and fresh content to your website is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategies. As part of your SEO services, an agency should update your site with original blog posts at least once or twice a week. Each blog should contain researched and vetted keywords to extend your marketing reach.

 Off Page Optimization

These actions play an important role in your company’s search engine optimization strategies, even though they aren’t occurring on your website. Off page optimization is so crucial in driving engagement and ensuring the widest marketing reach for your website that any monthly SEO service contract you sign needs to include the following search engine optimization services:

  • Search Engine Submission – As a key part of your SEO strategies, all the new pages on your website need to be submitted to the major search engines so they will crawl the pages and include them to their search results
  • Strategic Backlink Analysis – Link building is one of the more difficult SEO services for novices to master. As part of your monthly SEO package, the SEO agency should analyze and create strong links to website from reputable sites in related industries
  • Social Bookmarking – Your blogs and content need to be submitted to various social bookmarking sites to help increase the effectiveness of your SEO marketing strategies
  • Social Media Engagement Campaigns – Social media marketing remains one of the best ways to direct visitors to your company’s website. Through carefully crafted Tweets, Facebook and Google+ posts, and other social strategies, an SEO agency can widen the marketing reach of your website

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