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SEO CompanyIn-house SEO or SEO Company – Which is best for your small business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of getting your small business found online. It’s not something you can really decide to invest in or not – SEO strategies must be applied to your internet marketing assets (such as website, videos, social strategies, etc.) if you want your customers to find your business when they search online. The only question your small business truly faces is whether you should hire an SEO company or try to manage SEO on an in-house basis, or divvy up SEO duties and settle on a combination of these two approaches. There is no one right answer, as every company’s individual business model, strengths, and online goals are unique. We’ve put together some information that may clarify the issue and help you reach the decision that will best meet your company’s needs.

SEO is a time-consuming operation when done correctly. It is not a marketing strategy that can be quickly performed in addition to other duties – you can’t just look up trending keywords for your industry once then incorporate them in your blogs and media for the next six months and expect to reach the top spots in search results. Keyword research needs to continue on an ongoing basis because the highest ranking terms change over time as industry and search terms rise and fall in popularity. An SEO specialist needs to stay current with the latest news and developments in search, as Google and the other search engines are constantly making changes to their algorithms.

Link building, another key search tool, is a difficult skill to master. Search engine optimization experts need to know how to identify and develop the reputable links from related industries that improve search performance, while avoiding low-quality links that can result in a downgrade in search performance. While there are some free tools and inexpensive online tools that can help with keyword research and placement, more sophisticated software like HubSpot does a phenomenal job of helping companies to achieve the best search performance for all of their online marketing efforts. While a subscription to this advanced marketing software may be too costly for an average small business to justify, hiring an SEO company can gain you these benefits at a more affordable cost.

Many small businesses do not have the funds or sufficient need to hire a dedicated in-house SEO specialist who spends his or her full time and attention taking care of search marketing. Trying to have one or more employees take over SEO in addition to their current duties usually generates mixed results at best, and can actually damage the profitability of your business by splitting employees’ focus away from your primary business obligations.

When you hire an SEO company or interactive marketing agency, they have staff members whose sole focus is SEO. All of the energy and attention of these dedicated SEO experts is spent finding ways to improve search performance. They have the time to develop an in-depth knowledge of SEO that helps them to choose the highest ranking keywords for your online marketing efforts. SEO professionals are able to stay up to date on the latest submission guidelines, employ the most advanced optimization software, and develop relationships with search industry leaders so they are always current on the latest trends and best practices in search.

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