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Mobile Website DesignTop 4 reasons your business should invest in a mobile responsive website design  

If your business already has a website, do you really need to invest in a mobile responsive website design? As any savvy business owner knows, the health of your company depends on your ability to allocate your marketing budget wisely. It doesn’t make sense to spend money redoing strategies that are already working – you should concentrate your funds on improvements and strategies that will yield a significant ROI. Since your website has been serving you well for some time, you may think that the benefits of upgrading to a mobile website design will not be worth the time and expense it will take. Actually, investing in a mobile responsive website design may be the wisest marketing decision you’ll make all year. To help you understand why this upgrade is so important, we’ve compiled the top 4 reasons why your business should invest in a mobile website design, along with some illuminating facts and stats from top industry experts.

Mobile responsive website designs satisfy customers

Searches on mobile devices now outnumber searches through desktop devices, according to Google, who confirmed the switch last year. Google has a lot of insight to offer on mobile performance and consumer search behavior, finding that 80% of smartphone users use their devices to research purchases, and 61% of users will leave a site if it offers a poor mobile experience. That reveals two critical facts: a majority of your customers will be using a mobile device when they encounter your website, and if your site doesn’t provide a positive experience for mobile device users, you could be turning away a significant number of potential customers.

Websites designed for viewing on a desktop computer are often difficult to navigate using a mobile device – the buttons are too close together to use with thumbs, users have to scroll from side to side to view the entire page, and fonts are too small to read without constantly zooming. Mobile responsive websites adjust to fit whatever device they are viewed with, so they provide a flawless performance on mobile devices of all types.

Mobile responsive website designs save you money

Trends in mobile devices are constantly changing, as new devices are introduced and adopted. Trying to update your site to accommodate each new device type and trend can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. When you have a responsive website design, you don’t have to update your site to accommodate changing standards each time there’s a major shift in mobile device type or size. Your website will automatically adjust to provide the best possible user-experience, no matter what size or shape screen the future holds. Judging by the vast numbers of new devices that are added each year, that can add up to some serious savings!

Mobile responsive web designs improve your search rank

Google added mobile-friendliness as one of its ranking parameters for mobile search last year, and singled out mobile responsive website design as providing the best experience. Any site with elements that offer poor performance on mobile are now relegated to a lower position on search results. The adaptive performance offered by mobile responsive website design means you never have to worry if your web design company missed some element that will cause your site to slip in search rank. Every element on your website will automatically adjust to provide perfect performance on mobile devices, securing the highest possible position in search results.

Mobile responsive websites are the best way to reach today’s multi-screen consumers

Multi-device and cross-screen usage is becoming standard for today’s consumers, according to a Microsoft study that found that 46% of consumers use multiple devices to accomplish tasks on the Internet. Since 83% of consumers said that a seamless experience across all their devices is somewhat or very important, according to a 2014 mobile behavior report from Salesforce, business websites need to offer a uniformly  superior appearance and performance no matter how they are accessed. Sites created using mobile responsive web design provide the same consistently high-quality performance whether they are accessed using a desktop computer, smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

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