Blue Takes Facebook’s New iPad App for a Spin

iPad users and Facebook lovers rejoice! The long-awaited Facebook iPad app debuted earlier this week, and tech bloggers everywhere are feverishly penning their reviews. We’re as surprised as you are that the social networking site waited so long to release its own iPad app, having been delayed several times previously.

Barring first-day bugs that left users with a News Feed that wouldn’t stop refreshing, long load times and crashing, a software update fixed the issues the following day and we were finally able to judge the new app. Once logged in, you’re presented with your News Feed. Tap the icon in the upper left-hand corner and a column appears with all your selectable options – News Feed, Messages, Nearby (Check-Ins), Events, Friends, Groups, Apps and so on. Select any of the options and they instantly appear on the right-hand side; swipe to the left and it will occupy the entire screen. A blue bar remains at the top on every page, with a home button and icons for notifications, messages and friend requests.

The new look is virtually identical to the newly-updated iPhone app, but where the iPhone app is text-focused, the iPad app makes good use of the iPad’s large screen, highlighting photos and videos beautifully. The new design sacrifices flash for efficiency and a clean, streamlined look. The iPad Facebook app is impeccably designed for photo albums, with a cool scrubber bar that allows you to quickly skim through tens of images, and you can pinch to zoom in and easily jump back to all the images in an album.

The new Facebook iPad app is much like we expected, very similar to the updated iPhone app and desktop experience with emphasis on the visuals. If you are interested in launching a Facebook marketing campaign to take advantage of the millions-of-users strong Facebook community, contact Blue Interactive Agency today. Blue offers interactive marketing services in Fort Lauderdale that include social media marketing, search engine optimization, SEO copywriting and more. Call today to learn more.