New Media Predictions for 2011

2010 saw many innovations in social media, search and technology with Yahoo and Bing merging search engines, Facebook reaching 500 million users and rolling out a new interface, Google launching the left hand navigation tool and Apple introducing the iPad and iPhone 4, among others. All of us are looking forward to the New Year, and with it, new advancements to the field.

We’ve gathered some of the most interesting and exciting predictions for 2011 here.

1.       Social media influencers are on the rise.

Social media marketing will be largely dependent on influential individuals.  Services such as Klout identify how credible influencers are, and many businesses will target the high ranking influencers first. The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, for example, gives high ranking Klout members discounts to enjoy their amenities in hopes that these influencers will communicate their positive experiences to their followers.

2.       Emphasis on smaller, closed social media networks.

New social media platforms like Path and Fast Society are private, personal networks meant for sharing information with your close friends and family. Path limits social media networks to only 50 people. Fast Society is an iPhone service that allows users to text to small groups of people, and the groups only last for 3 days. 2011 may be the year these smaller networks gain traction as people seek deeper connections online.

3.       News shifting to mobile devices, namely tablets.

With 15.7 million tablets sold in worldwide in 2010, news shifting to mobile devices is the likely trend. In early 2011, News Corp will launch The Daily, an iPad-only news organization that will charge $0.99 per download to replace traditional news sources.

4.      Social Media Optimization.

In addition to search engine optimization, we will begin to see social media optimization, as social media platforms are the fastest growing source of traffic to websites.

Only time will tell if these predictions will come true. Here’s to looking forward to a great new year of opportunities and advancements. Happy New Year to you and yours!