Seasonal SEO – Why is it Important?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, businesses have already begun to roll out their annual Christmas campaigns. Big-name discount retailers are already adorned with holiday décor, ornamentation, and all the trappings of the Christmas season; so what implications does this have on SEO?

Since it takes time to develop your optimization strategies, it would be wise to start now in order to reap the benefits of holiday season sales. Last year’s first official Christmas shopping weekend (Thanksgiving through the following Sunday) saw a 0.5 percent increase from 2008, totaling $41.2 billion. With this year’s sales projected to be even higher, competition for customers is particularly fierce.

While the economy may be showing signs of improvement, shoppers are still searching for the best possible deals, which creates a valuable opportunity for online retailers. If you haven’t done so already, you should begin researching this season’s “must-haves” for your industry now. Use these as the foundation for keywords and link building on your site and in your blog.

Also, make sure to utilize your social media tools, incorporating creative and interesting event and promotional marketing campaigns centered around the holiday season. Depending on the nature of your business, it may also be a good idea for your company to consider PPC campaigns or purchasing Facebook ads.

Since so many businesses are vying for the consumer buck, it can be challenging for less established companies to get their slice of the pie. Start your Christmas campaign’s Search Engine Optimization now to guarantee big profits for the 2010 holiday season!