Google Reorganizes SERPs, Integrates Local Listings & Organic Results

If you’re one of Google’s 160 plus million monthly users, you won’t be surprised to learn that they have once again changed up their SERPs. We have seen the birth and subsequent evolution of autocomplete for search engines, and many other Google-pioneered search innovations.

For some time now, local search results have been shown in the “one-box” format, where a map is displayed with about seven local listings. These listings were directly above the organic search results, and just below the top 3 paid results.

Now, Google is arranging the top 3 paid results below the organic results. However, the organic results are now coupled with the local listings, as well as other relevant info including reviews, links, physical address and map markers.

Experts at Ephricon Web Marketing, an internet marketing and SEO agency, believe that, for now, this seems to be a positive change, particularly for regionally-focused searches. “Basically, this change seems to strengthen the prominence of the top 3 organic results because it moves them above the fold for local searches, whereas previously they were below the fold,” reports Ephricon.

As Google grows, it seems they concert continued efforts to adhere to their ‘Ten principles that contribute to a Googley user experience.” Well, they certainly do “dare to innovate,” and often, depending on where they feel they need to better serve the needs of their users.

How long this newest change to Google’s SERPs will last remains to be seen, as does its general reception. For now, it does seem to be beneficial, chiefly for organic search results.