Simon Cowell Using SEO Tactics to Improve His Image

Over the last 9 seasons of American Idol, Simon Cowell has been a controversial figure with his straight-talking and abrasive comments, earning him both fans and enemies. But when you Google “Simon Cowell”, what do you find? Over 20 pages of fan sites, biographies, news about his charity work – and no negative stories.

Critics are speculating that Simon Cowell is using a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency to ensure Google searches of his name come up with positive results, and negative information is pushed far back in the Google pages. Celebrities (or companies) can control their Online Reputation Management through SEO strategies.

So how do the SEO tactics work? The documents on the top of a page of Google’s search results are considered by Google to be the most relevant through the search engine’s mathematical algorithms. Some of the deciding variables include the document’s content matching the search query, the age of the document, and links from other websites to that document.

In order to produce a positive online reputation, SEO firms produce positive content to replace the negative – which is pushed further down the list to subsequent pages in the results.

The positive content to be optimized may include professional profiles, biographies, press releases, online videos, blogs, social networking profiles and news articles.

The need for reputation management and brand monitoring continues to increase the more we allow the user control through social web. By utilizing interactive marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, individuals and companies can manage their online reputation and brand monitoring. While for businesses, the purpose is not to hide negative content but to monitor and rectify it, the Internet has changed and businesses must adapt to keep up. Blue Interactive Agency applies custom marketing strategies including search engine optimization, social media marketing and SEO copywriting for press releases and blog content to help companies stay ahead of the competition.