SEO Tip of the Day – Choosing Targeted Keywords

When choosing keywords, start local, then target as specifically as possible. Often, targeting your local demographic by incorporating local search phrases allows local searchers to naturally boost your search engine ranking

From region to region, a variety of linguistic idiosyncracies exist. For example, soda, cola, soft drink and pop all mean the same thing to different people. If you are a small company with locations spread throughout the U.S., you would need to be sure to optimize your keywords according to the local colloquiums. Additionally, If you’re marketing your beverage in New York, users may be searching for anything from “NYC soda” to “Manhattan cola”. 

Be sure to incorporate local speak into your website, reflecting how the target location’s customers really speak and search.

After researching and identifying your target keywords and keyword phrases, utilize those terms often: in blog content, page titles, meta tags, page text, hyperlink text, and other relevant areas of the site.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an ongoing process of improving the quality and volume of traffic from a search engine to your website through natural or organic search results using targeted keywords

This traffic-improving process involves the following:

Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis

Selecting keywords is the most vital aspect for an SEO strategy, and is the first step to take — even before a website exists, keywords must be taken into consideration and brainstormed upon. To begin keyword research and selection, competitor keywords should be known and researched.

Strategic Link Analysis Report

Link building provides a high success rate for organic search, but it is a tedious task. Blue Interactive Agency utilizes an innovative program that charges only for performance and service.

Search Engine Submission

Once fully optimized, websites can be manually submitted to major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Search engines are notified weekly through the generation and submission of XML sitemaps, so that search engines keep returning to crawl the site.

Competition Search Engine Ranking Reports

When you are able to see your competitors’ keywords and what keywords they are ranking for on search engines, you have the advantage to more specifically target and then dominate the keywords to naturally rank higher than your competition.

Creating link popularity is a difficult task involved in SEO. It’s one thing to grasp the concept of link building, and another to realize how to build links that will boost your site’s search engine rankings.