Facebook Connects

Facebook masses an incredible 120 million members worldwide, making it the largest social networking site on the World Wide Web. The latest feature venture by the company is causing quite the stir; its name is Facebook Connect. Through Facebook Connect, Facebook will allow users to log onto other websites using their Facebook ID, and to view the activities of their friends on those sites.

For example, the feature allows Facebook users to alert their friends that they are visiting a certain website, so that their friends may follow them there and watch a video or read a news clip and comment on it. In the near future a number of other websites will also be including a similar service in their sites, including big names like the Discovery Channel and Digg.Myspace, Yahoo and Google have announced similar feature plans to entice their users.

This new trend comes in contrast to previous online trends, which were designed to hoard user information rather than to share it. This reinforces the projections of the web becoming smaller and smaller, where a user can interact in increasingly personalized ways. The web is becoming more like a single account for users, rather than a mass of separate URLs, where non-social sites are becoming socialized. With online networking and advertising constantly evolving, it is vital to stay abreast technological trends and have the best in interactive marketing hard at work for you! Word of mouth advertising is starting to occur online! Contact Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing solution today to discover how your website can become an online marketing powerhouse!.