Search engine optimization or pay per click? This is a decision that is pored over thoughtfully, questionably and often. Pay per click, or PPC, certainly would appear to be the winner in the simplicity department if a company has the financial backing for such an endeavor. Large corporations have taken over the PPC campaign scene, making it near impossible to simply pay and expect to out-rank the competition, making organic search engine optimization, or SEO, an increasingly resourceful alternative for those left on the back listings of the PPC movement.

Organic SEO is more time consuming, as the keywords and algorithms must be continuously tested for results, yet the results speak for themselves and are most often a more affordable method of bringing your business to the forefront of internet search engine visibility. Hiring a skilled and experienced internet marketing firm to work for you is another readily available option.

A great way to cover both bases is to incorporate an amount of both SEO and PPC into your internet marketing business model to ensure you will grow through visibility and new business.