Optimizing Your Website

The single most important part of a website is ANALYTICS! Without analytics your website might as well be a tree falling in the woods with nobody there to hear it. Did it make any noise? Nobody knows. Without analytics on your website you have no idea how many people are visiting your website, how long they stay on your website, where they lose interest and leave your website.In short, you don’t know anything!

Analytics provides insight to your customer’s actions and is the key to optimizing your website. You have to know where the problem is in order to fix it. Does everybody leave your website on the homepage and never visit any of your secondary pages? Are you getting visitors to your website but not converting any of those visitors to fill out the form on your website? Everything you need to know can be answered through an analytics package which Google provides for free.

Once you have determined where the problem lies, Google then allows you to do A/B testing to determine the best remedy. If customers leave your site or landing pages, theorize as to why, then test variations to confirm or refute your insight. Once you fix one problem, move onto the next. The more holes you find in your website that you are able to repair, the more optimized your website will be.

At Blue Interactive Agency we understand that creating a website is not a one time project that can be finished in a month and then left untouched. Websites are ongoing projects that require analysis, testing, and changes to optimize your website so we offer 3 packages of services to handle this and all of your interactive marketing needs for you.

For more information contact Blue Interactive Agency today for a free analysis of your website and a plan to increase the optimization of your website.