Marketing Real Estate via the Internet

Marketing Real Estate via the InternetBeing successful in the real estate market used to be about how many people you knew;today it is becoming more about how many people are finding what they are looking for on your website.Real Estate is the third highest searched industry right behind adult entertainment and online gambling.Your potential clients are out on the internet searching for exactly what you have to offer them,to ensure your success you have to go where your customers are-the internet. Here are some tips for marketing real estate via the internet.

To start marketing your real estate services you will need a clean and professional website that is able to grow with your business.Before designing your website think about the key goals that you have for the website.

1. Clean, Professional Design -The key to website design is to keep it clean and guide the visitor’s eye to the part of the page that is most important to you. If you are a real estate agent,the most important part of every page on your website is the part that captures the client’s lead information. This part of the page should be made warm and welcoming and draw the eye with pictures and bold accent colors.

2. Search Engine Optimization -In order for your clients to find you, the search engines need to be able to find your website. When choosing a vendor to build your website,make sure that you choose one that is familiar with search engine optimization techniques.The first step to search engine optimization is to code your website in such a manner that allows search engines to easily find the content on your page.

3. Conversion Optimization -Once visitors find your website you want to ensure that you are converting visitors to leads. In order to create leads, you need to design your website in a way that consistently guides the visitor back to contacting you for assistance with their real estate needs.All content should be written in such a way that it constantly informs the visitor of why they need your assistance and gives them every opportunity to send their information to you and tell you what they need from you so that you can contact them and help them find what they want.Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency.