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    Content Marketing Campaigns

    It’s still true that content is king. If you want your website to be seen, and if you want to reach the people you want to find your site and hear your message, you need quality content on your site. Quality content drives SEO, but more importantly, it drives conversions.

    If you are new to content marketing, here is a quick rundown. In the world of website design and search engine optimization, content marketing refers to the practice of using written content to improve search engine results, improve conversion rates and provide valuable information to the human beings who land on the page and read that content.

    Content marketing can take many different forms, including informational articles, educational pieces, infographics, charts, bullet points, and much more. In many cases, the best approach to content marketing is the combination approach, one that encompasses all of those elements.

    A content marketing campaign may begin, for instance, with a dedicated set of search engine optimized pages, each covering a different part of your business and what you have to offer. No matter what form it takes, content marketing should be an integral part of your branding and advertising strategy. With the right content marketing, you can boost your search results, build a better and more successful business, and keep your calendar full.

    At Blue, we know that every effective content marketing strategy begins with hiring the best writers, and that is exactly what we do. We work with a vast network of freelance and in-house writers and editors, all with the skills required to create customized content for your site and your business. 

    When you work with Blue, we will get to know your business before our initial content marketing campaign begins. We will meet with your management team, and we will learn more about how your business operates, what kinds of amenities it offers, what kinds of services you provide, the types of clients you wish to target, and everything else we need to know.

    Armed with this information, we will develop a customized content marketing strategy just for you, one that many include lengthy section pages dedicated to the types of good and services you provide, informational blog posts that will give potential clients and their families the information they need to make an intelligent and informed decision and much, much more. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive results, and when you work with Blue we can help you make the most of it.

    How Content Marketing Impacts SEO

    It was not that long ago that simply having a website was enough to build your brand and differentiate your company. In the early days of the internet, when company websites were very rare, simply going online was all it took, and ideas about search engine optimization were still in their infancy.

    A few decades into the internet revolution things are looking much different, and with so many websites online just breaking through the noise can be a full-time job. In the 21st century world of commerce, businesses must work hard to build their online presence, and even harder to get the websites, blogs, and social media sites they have worked so hard on in front of the eyes of actual viewers.

    The field of search engine optimization is multifaceted and complicated, with many moving parts and an ever-changing set of rules. Search engine giants like Google and Yahoo! are constantly fine-tuning their algorithms, optimizing them for the best customer experience as they try to maximize their ad revenue and stay one step ahead of the competition.

    What that means to businesses and website owners is that what worked yesterday may no longer work today, and that is where content marketing comes into play. In the early days of search engines, repeating the right keywords over and over again was all it took to rank highly, and businesses took advantage of that loophole to build sites with little quality content.

    It did not take long for Google to catch on to these tricks, and they soon implemented algorithm updates that took not only keywords but the way they were used into account. Keywords were still important, but not as important as the quality of the content surrounding it.

    Now the algorithms are constantly changing, altering the way searchers find the information they need and changing the way businesses build and optimize their websites. In the latest iteration of Google and other search engine algorithms, the quality, readability, and usefulness of the content provided are more important than ever before, and the businesses that do their content best are likely to rise to the top.

    The focus on quality has presented some challenges for content marketing experts, including the ones at Blue. Through it all, we have altered our own efforts, building on our past successes, doing our homework, and using our years of expertise to serve our clients in an even more effective manner.

    At Blue, we understand the deep connection between high-quality content and exceptional search engine performance. We do deep dives into which keywords are converting, allowing us to optimize our pages, blog posts, and other content for maximum effectiveness and conversions. If you are ready to build a content marketing strategy that gets results, we are here to help. Just pick up the phone and call the best SEO Co in Miami or go online for more information about the content marketing approach Blue uses, so you can take your business to the next level.

    Why Engage in Content Marketing?

    As the operator of a top-quality company, you are an expert at what you do. You know how to run your business in the most effective manner, and you provide your customers with the best service possible.  

    At the same time, you are not an expert in other fields, including the fields of content marketing, search engine optimization, brand marketing, and building a better business. If you want to help even more clients find you, you first need to meet them where they are, and that is what search engine optimization and content marketing are all about.

    There are many reasons to incorporate content marketing into your overall branding strategy, and at Blue, we will help you understand and take advantage of those benefits. The first reason to incorporate content marketing into your overall strategy is that doing so can help you improve your search engine results. If you have worked hard on your website and still cannot find it in Google and other search engines, the problem could be as simple as the quality of the pages on that site.

    It could be that those internal pages have not been optimized for the keywords clients are likely to use when they look for the products and services you provide. It may be that the content is poorly written, or that it is difficult to read and use. Any of these problems could send your search engine rankings plummeting, rendering the website you have worked so hard to create all but invisible 

    There are other reasons to engage in content marketing as well, including the potential to increase your conversion rates and reduce your paid advertising costs. Since quality content marketing is one of the best ways to drive organic search results, boosting your visibility can reduce the need for expensive pay-per-click advertising. This alone can save your company money while improving your results over time.

    Last but certainly not least, a well-designed and properly implemented content marketing strategy can also help your clients. Well-written content helps you communicate valuable information to your clients establishing you as a trusted expert in their eyes.   

    As the operators of a successful business, you have the best interests of your clients at heart. Your goal is to help your clients and give them the quality service they want.   

    At Blue, we share those concerns and those desires. Our goal is to help you reach your goal, so call Blue today or go online for more information about how content marketing can help you build a better and more successful business.

    Why Hire Blue as Your Content Specialists?

    As you can see, a sound content marketing strategy can help you take your business to the next level, helping you build on your past successes while allowing you to reach more clients than ever before. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, implementing a sound content marketing strategy will always be a good place to start.

    There are many facets to an effective content marketing strategy, and in order for that strategy to work all of these dimensions must be taken into account. From where to find the best and highest quality freelance writers to the best way to edit the content to how to structure the individual paragraphs to how to develop the most compelling calls to action, everything must work seamlessly together in order for your content marketing strategy to be successful.

    When you work with Blue, you will get all of that and much more. Our company has access to some of the best freelance writers in the business, along with a team of quality editors and in-house staff, all dedicated to reviewing the content before it is posted on your site.

    By the time the words hit your website, they will have been carefully reviewed for quality, consistency, branding messages, and search engine optimization. By taking a top-down approach to content marketing and search engine optimization, we can build content-rich websites that convert, with words that turn into actions and calls to action that get real results.

    You’re an expert at what you do, whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for years and are ready to grow to the next level.  At Blue, we respect your hard work and determination and we are just as dedicated to your success as you are. We want you to build a better, bigger, and more successful business, so you can serve more people who need your services.

    If you are ready to take your company to the next level and fill your calendar to capacity, we encourage you to reach out to us today. At Blue, we can develop a customized plan just for you, one that is designed around the needs of your specific business, so you can turn searchers into visitors, visitors into clients, and clients into your next success stories.