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    What Is A Brand Mark?

    In the internet age, your brand and your business are inextricably intertwined. This has never been more true than in the age of digital communications.  Online search has taken the concept of branding, and the weight it carries in the marketplace, to an entirely new level.

    If you want your business to succeed, you need to do much more than provide the top-notch service your clients have found so valuable. Without a steady stream of new clients, your business will not be able to survive, and you will not be able to provide the excellent service that residents of Miami and elsewhere have come to expect from your company.

    You are an expert in your field, but you may not be an expert at branding and building a better online business. The good news is that you do not have to be, not when you have Blue in your corner. When you work with us, we will walk you through the entire branding and logo design process, from getting to know your company and identifying your target audience to designing a logo that captures eyeballs and building a brand that gains respect.

    One of the most important parts of what we do involves branding, and specifically the use of a brand mark. If you are not familiar with a brand mark, it is simply a design, symbol, mark, name, or anything else that distinguishes one brand from another.

    Even if you are not familiar with the term, chances are you have seen brand marks a time or two. Maybe you can even name some famous brand marks, or pick them out of a far-off sign or billboard.

    There are countless examples of brand marks, and just about every type of company, from the smallest startup firm to the most recognizable household names, use some kind of brand mark to set their business apart and allow customers to find them and purchase the products and services they have to offer.

    Some of the examples of brand marks in the public sector include the stylized eagle that serves as the symbol of the United States Post Office, as well as the iconic soldier that is used by the United States military. In the private sector, brand marks include the AT&T globe, the Chevrolet bow tie, the Nike swoosh that adorns millions of sneakers around the world, and the red and white bull’s eye that means a Target store is nearby.

    The fact that you recognize all of these brand marks and more is a testament to their effectiveness. Even customers who rarely shop at Target will no doubt associate the bull’s eye with this big-box retailer, and you do not have to be a Nike fan to appreciate the elegance and simplicity of the swoosh.

    Now that you know what a brand mark is, it is time to let Blue help you design one that will be just as iconic, just as distinctive, and just as effective as the ones designed for major big-box retailers and major shoe manufacturers. If you are ready to get started, we are here to help, and when you make the call or go online we will get started.

    When we design your brand mark, we will do so from the ground up, getting to know not only your business but your client base as well. We want to know all about you, from how you operate and how you find your clients to what kinds of services you provide and how you turn the lives of those you work with around. You are an expert at providing the goods and services your company specializes in and we are experts at designing brand marks that drive results. Together we can make your business even better, so you can serve more clients and build an even more effective company.


    How We Design Logos

    No matter what the business, the design of the logo can have a huge impact on how the company is perceived, how others view the brand, and even how profitable (or not) the business ultimately is. You can probably think of dozens of logos that hit the mark, from the iconic Nike swoosh to the stylized M that means a McDonald’s restaurant is just down the road.

    Maybe you can also name a few logo attempts that missed the mark, failing to communicate what the brands they were designed to represent were all about. There have been a few high-profile logo fails in recent years, including some that impacted major multinational companies.

    When it comes to designing or redesigning a logo, it can be just as important to know what not to do, and that is something we take very seriously at Blue. As we design your logo, we will do so carefully, building on our past successes, learning from what we have done before, and working with you to find a logo that represents your company the right way, putting the services you provide in the best possible light and enhancing the image and impact of your brand.

    Many things will go into the design of your company logo, but we will always start with a thorough interview. We want to get to know your company, not only from a business standpoint but on a personal level as well. We know you got into this business to help people, and we want to know what motivates you and how you feel as you serve your clients and watch them turn their lives around.

    After we have gotten to know you, we will go a step further, identifying your target audience and your ideal client. All of this information will be incredibly important, not only for the design of our logo but for all our other branding efforts as well.

    Many other things will go into the design of your company logo as well. Some of them will take place behind the scenes, like searching for possible trademark infringements and making sure the proposed logo design is 100% unique and entirely your own. Others will take place out in the open, with regular meetings where you are free to review our proposed logo designs and choose the ones that resonate best with you and the image you are trying to project.

    At Blue, we know that a great company needs a great logo, and we want the logo we design to be one that will project a positive image for your company and everything it does. You are proud of the business you have built in the Miami area, and we are proud to help you make your business even better with the right branding. Our goal is to help your company serve more Miami area clients and create a brand that drives results even as it engenders trust.

    How Branding Goes into Web Design

    To the outsider, effective branding and good web design may seem like two different things, but in reality, they have a great deal in common. In fact, both web design and logo development should be integral parts of any effective branding strategy. In order to be effective, every part of your branding strategy, from the logo on your letterhead to the colors and fonts used on your website, should work together, creating a cohesive whole that projects a positive image and allows potential clients to trust your company.

    At Blue, we believe in taking an integrated approach, and that is how we work. When we get to know you and your business, we will begin to develop a branding strategy that is based on what you want to achieve, the types of clients you want to attract, and the type of business you hope to build. And when we understand what you want to achieve, we will be able to develop a comprehensive branding strategy, one that incorporates the latest in web design technology, the most recent changes in search engine optimization strategy, the best in logo design, and a host of other factors that will help your business stand out from the rest.

    When we design your website, either from the ground up or based on what you already have in place, we will incorporate all of our branding efforts into that design or redesign. At Blue, we view the website for your business as a projection of your brand, and we want to make sure the image we project is a positive one, one that will build trust with your clients and the people you serve.

    Branding is incorporated into web design in a number of important ways, some behind the scenes, others more prominent. In order to be effective, website design must be consistent, attractive, and designed with the needs and the expectations of the customer in mind. Creating a consistent online presence is absolutely vital in the digital age, and that starts with a solid web design.

    When you work with Blue, we will design your website with your branding strategy in mind. We will make every part of your online presence with our content marketing services. From the blogs you maintain to the success stories you share, to the informational content you produce, work together to create a cohesive and comprehensive whole. It is this consistency that builds brands and brand reputations, and at Blue, we are experts in this unique part of the business.

    Why Companies Hire Blue to Create Their Brand Mark

    Every time you drive down the highway, every time you log on to the internet, and every time you turn on your phone, you are inundated with brand marks, from the logo on your smartphone cover to the sign at the local fast-food restaurant. And you notice those brand marks, taking mental note of what they mean and which companies they represent.

    Whether you realize it on a conscious level or not, those brand marks are making an impact. You may not pull your car into the drive-thru the minute you see the McDonald’s logo, but you will take note of it at a subconscious level, and that could mean French fries in your future.

    These kinds of conscious and unconscious connections are what good brand marks are all about, and when you work with Blue you can have a brand mark of your own, one that will drive results and help you build a better business, so you can focus on serving the needs of your clients.

    Through a combination of solid web design, expert brand mark creation, and exceptional brand management, we can help your business succeed like never before. Our staff of in-house artists will take your ideas and bring them to life, or design a new brand mark based on what they know about your business and your clients.

    At Blue, we will not leave anything to chance when it comes to the design and implementation of your brand mark. We will work with you closely throughout the entire process, from gathering initial ideas and fleshing those ideas out to presenting you with the final set of choices to getting your approval and incorporating the finished brand mark into your website and other online presences.

    If you are ready to build a better business, one with a consistent message and a solid brand identity, we encourage you to give us a call or go online to request more information. Blue is the leader in website design and logo creation, and we are here to serve all your branding needs.