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    Why Hire Blue to
    Design Your Website

    Any effective online marketing campaign begins with a great website. From homepage design to overall website development, your website is a digital representation of what your business does and stands for and will ultimately be what drives sales. However, your website design will mean very little if your audience doesn’t find your site.

    These days it’s easy to get a website made that has aesthetic appeal, but even if your website looks amazing, if the technical side of it doesn’t have the components necessary for search engine optimization (SEO), then your customers won’t find you. A common mistake that businesses make is having a website design and development plan and then only worrying about the search engine optimization and marketing elements afterward.

    Search engine optimization has to be built into the foundation of the website in order for it to facilitate online marketing efforts. A website may need to be scrapped entirely if the search engine optimization wasn’t designed into it from the start, costing money and wasting time.

    So, why hire Blue for website design and development? At Blue Interactive Agency, we understand it’s critical to partner website design and search engine optimization from the beginning. We are the best web design and development company Fort Lauderdale has because we not only have an expert graphic design team, but we are industry leaders in digital marketing campaigns, which start with integrating search engine optimization into the very framework of a website design. We always go the extra mile to ensure that the user experience and the overall flow of your website design are on point so that you will be able to attract your target audience. 

    Blue Interactive Agency is an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to improve or start their online presence to grow their sales and appear in front of their target audience. We can design websites that are professional and that fulfill every vision or need that you have. And most importantly, we can do this while ensuring that your website can attract your target audience through online searches.

    Roughly half of all website traffic originates from searches on places like Google or Bing. Unlike paid advertisements, you won’t have to pay for each click or have to pay a lot because you received high traffic volumes. Optimizing your website for search engines essentially can become the most cost-effective method of marketing and is therefore critical for a business looking to make online sales.

    Blue Interactive Agency can handle all of the web design and development as well as provide you with digital marketing services that are completely results-driven. Our detailed reports allow you to see exactly what we are doing to generate sales. We actively look for areas where improvements can be made in your marketing plan and we are the missing key in your effort to grow your business online. This is one of the reasons that make Blue the best web design and development company Fort Lauderdale, FL, has.

    We Build Websites That Convert

    By optimizing a website so that search engines like Google consider it to be a good result and therefore rank it highly on search results, your business can receive significant inbound traffic. However, even if you have a good-looking website that ranks highly on Google for relevant search terms, there may still be a problem with your sales conversion.

    Not all web designers design websites that hit a target audience – even if the search engine optimization is effective. Blue Interactive combines expertly developed websites with effective SEO and marketing strategies – but we also take it a step further. The entire purpose of professional design websites that ranks well on search engines is to generate more sales. Blue Interactive Agency focuses on creating websites with high sales conversion rates. We do our research so that we can enhance the user experience in every way possible. From design and development to load times to the content that appears on your site, we walk you through every step of the website design process. 

    With our website design company, you get more than just a well-made website that checks all of the search engine optimization boxes; you get our rich experience in sales conversion strategies that will help to convert traffic into sales with your target audience. Our web designers and search engine optimization experts look at the bigger picture and our main goal is to grow your business through increased sales.

    Whether your target audience visits your website from their mobile device or their personal computer, the websites that we design will display perfectly with all of the elements of web design as well as effective search engine optimization and marketing built-in. And thanks to our focus on the functional elements of building a website that converts, you can expect to see your business grow as your sales conversion increases. We help you develop a website design that converts.

    The web pages on the websites that we design are responsive, functional, have CMS enabled so that new web content can be updated easily, optimized sitemaps, and are perfectly optimized for search engines so that it ranks well and therefore gets the traffic you need to grow your business. With Blue Interactive Agency, we are here to help you with everything that your website needs. Not only can we help you to create the perfect user experience and offer web hosting solutions as well as ongoing support to ensure that your website is always performing perfectly. Have you noticed that the load times on your site are lacking? Perhaps you feel as though the homepage design isn’t quite hitting the right tone? Maybe the navigation menu needs an update? Let us know and we will go through each of the details and review the web pages on your site until you are happy with them.


    We Build Websites That Get Found with On-Page SEO

    There’s nothing worse as a business than spending money on a website design only to be disappointed by the amount of traffic you’re getting. Online business is a competitive market. Just building or buying a good-looking website isn’t enough to get sales.

    If your website is unable to find a place on the top results of search engines for search terms that apply to your product or service, then you may have very little traffic. Not ranking high on search engines is similar to buying office space where there is little to no foot traffic. So, even if you have an amazing-looking website, you have to have traffic to make your sales.

    Paid advertising such as pay-per-click campaigns on social media or search engines can help you to bypass the need to appear high on organic searches. However, you will then become reliant on these ads for all of your online business. If you receive high traffic from paid ads, then your marketing cost increases and it may not even increase in proportion to your sales if your website design and content don’t convert. Furthermore, traffic from paid ads only accounts for roughly 10 percent of effective web traffic.

    What these factors equate to is this: for your business to be in a position where it can truly grow in the digital space, you need your website to be found through a normal search on places like Google. Traffic to your website from search engines, or organic traffic, is key to your online business success. This fact becomes clear when you consider that half of all website traffic comes from search engines and organic traffic.

    We here at Blue Interactive Agency have over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing. We build websites that get found with on-page SEO. The websites that we design are built with the core components of SEO so that from the moment it goes online, search engines will notice it and the climb to a profitable position on search results starts.


    Custom WordPress Developers

    WordPress is behind as many as 30 percent of all websites and for good reason; its core design makes it easy to operate and it is aligned with SEO best practices – Google loves WordPress. If you have a custom WordPress website, then it tends to perform far better than the usual template sites. Many of the template-type websites that are available often have poor SEO as part of the technical elements of the design and infrastructure.

    Blue Interactive Agency is among the leading custom WordPress web developers. We specialize in creating custom WordPress websites. But what do we mean when we say custom? One of the things that set Blue apart is that we work hand-in-hand with you to understand exactly what your company’s unique voice is. We explore your brand with you so that we can convey that brand through your custom WordPress site. Even though WordPress is so widely used, your custom website will be one-of-a-kind, uniquely adapted to who you are as a business.

    At Blue Interactive, your company’s growth is our main goal. What this means is that we are not only custom WordPress web developers but we incorporate our talents in sales conversion into the design of your website. Simply put, our WordPress websites offer you high sales conversion because after all, that is the purpose of putting your business online.

    The way that our talented team of custom WordPress developers will design your website will boil the website down to only its most crucial elements. We essentially design WordPress sites so that they are light and functional which means that they are easier to maintain and update. It also has other benefits such as creating a website with super-fast load times which is an important SEO factor to get ranked on search engines – no one likes a site with exorbitant load times.

    Because our web designers will make your website easy to maintain by boiling it down to the essentials, it makes blogging and adding web content a breeze. Keeping a freshly updated blog on your website helps search engines to find your web content more attractive, thus ranking it higher. If you prefer to add to your blog in-house, then all of the hassles involved with blogging and web content are removed, saving you a great deal of time.

    Custom PHP Websites on Demand

    PHP is one of the most popular coding languages. This type of coding language is an all-purpose, server-side language that can allow you to do a multitude of things like creating dynamic page content, collecting useful data, managing a database, sending and receiving cookies, encrypting data, and much more. With PHP, anything you can think of can be done, offering your customers a unique and engaging experience.

    One of the biggest benefits of custom PHP websites is how they can improve your customer experience and how they can allow you to interact with a customer in a way that a standard HTML website can’t. As a business, the more engaged your visitors are, the easier it will be to convert them into customers and keep them engaged.

    PHP essentially enhances the HTML that a website has, which is what websites are written in. It is a tool that can allow you to do far more than just a normal, static website. At Blue Interactive Agency, we develop custom PHP websites on demand. Our talented PHP development team can fulfill any wish you have for your website. Our website design team holds itself to a high standard when it comes to every aspect of the design and development process. Whether you’re interested in graphic design or you would like to develop a plan for an interaction design, we take the time to get it done to ensure that you’re happy. 

    We understand the need for businesses to be competitive by offering an online experience that sets them apart. With our custom PHP websites on demand, you can find that edge that will make your online business stand out and engage your audience. Through this engagement, we can create a user experience that facilitates sales. We walk you through the design process with the personalized touch that you need to make important decisions regarding homepage design and web pages so that our web designers can help you to develop a custom website that will truly represent the ethos of your company. 

    We're Local Ft Lauderdale Website Designers!

    Blue Interactive Agency is the leading web design and development company in Fort Lauderdale and beyond. At Blue Interactive, you are getting the benefit of over 15 years of digital marketing experience and a team of web developers that are dedicated to your business success. We don’t just design websites; we develop websites that offer high conversion rates because we understand that growing your business is the reason why you want to improve or create an online presence. Our web developers provide you with a wide range of options when it comes to interaction design and motion graphic options that will help to add a unique touch to your site. We can also provide you with design tips that will help to enhance the user experience. 

    We are purely results-driven and have one of the most talented teams that know all of the elements of web design that can bring out the best in your company. Our team of writing experts can convey your company brand and image exactly as you would like to see it – while ensuring that all of the web content is perfectly optimized for search engines to find you.

    As a local Ft Lauderdale website design team, we pride ourselves on helping local businesses reach their business goals through our cutting-edge website design, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing services. Reach out to us today so that your business has the foundation to grow in the digital world. You know how to run your business, and we know website design that will get your business noticed.