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    Content Marketing Campaigns

    Years ago, when Google’s search algorithm was in its infancy, websites were able to achieve front-page results in search queries through black hat strategies that were based on the sheer volume of keywords and off-site links. As a result, the user experience greatly suffered as people were being directed to poorly written sites that didn’t necessarily provide users with the best answer to their questions. Google and other search engines, however, evolved.

    The goal of Google is to provide users with relevant search results that satisfied their search queries as effectively as possible. As such, there has been a shift from volume to quality content. To this day, quality content remains king in the realm of digital marketing. What search engines have achieved through the continual updating of their search algorithm has resulted in providing users with an improved experience, offering them well-designed and well-written websites with a wealth of information, working to engage visitors for longer.

    Quality content is the main driving force behind search engine optimization (SEO) and any online marketing campaign. Arguably, the only reason any person visits a website is to see the content there, so the content that is on your website is the most important thing from a user’s point of view and therefore for search engines like Google, too.

    So, what does this mean for you as a business trying to expand your online presence and sales? It means that content marketing campaigns are the backbone of your online business. The better the quality of the content is, the more authoritative your brand becomes and the more engaged your visitors will be, and this will ultimately help with your sales conversion.

    There are many complexities involved with creating content marketing campaigns because it’s not just about writing something that your readers will find interesting. This is because there are other elements to consider such as how your readers view the content, where it reaches them such as through social media, how search engines interpret the information (search engine optimization), building authority, and sales conversion strategies among others things.

    At Blue Interactive Agency, we’ve specialized in providing winning content for over 15 years to help our clients grow their businesses and establish themselves as market leaders in their field. We understand how crucial content marketing campaigns are to all of the levels of an online marketing campaign. Our team of highly skilled writers can convey the voice of your brand to your target market while establishing your unique selling points and leveraging SEO so that search engines recognize your business as an authority in the industry and therefore place your website higher on the search result for specific search terms.

    One of the difficulties that businesses run into when trying to develop their content marketing campaigns is continually producing quality content that their target audience wants. As the best SEO Co in Fort Lauderdale, Blue Interactive Agency can help your business grow by constantly providing your audience with information that is relevant to them, opening a line of engagement with new and existing customers. And an aspect of Blue that sets us apart is that we are completely driven by your company’s unique brand and we meticulously explore who your ideal audience is so that we can promote your specific selling propositions, ultimately driving sales.

    Blue Interactive is one of the best content marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale because we go a step beyond just content marketing. At our digital marketing agency, we understand that the core purpose of marketing your business online is to grow your company through sales. As such, our agency in Fort Lauderdale creates content marketing campaigns that are not only effective at engaging your target audience and being found on search engines, but we employ sales conversion strategies that tackle the main goal of marketing online: to increase sales.

    How Content Marketing Impacts Search Engine Optimization

    SEO and content are linked. You essentially can’t have good search engine optimization without good content. If we consider the process of searching for something online, you start by putting in a phrase like “buy dog treats” and you’ll be directed to a website that sells dog treats. A search engine only knows that a particular site has dog treats for sale because of the content of the website, such as talking about being a dog treat supplier.

    This is why content and SEO are linked and why content marketing has a significant impact on optimizing your website so that it can be found on search engines for relevant searches. How content marketing impacts SEO forms the foundation for online marketing. Content marketing must therefore be a part of a digital marketing campaign for it to find traction and be successful.

    At a functional level, how content marketing impacts SEO can be explored through the practical ways that search engines find relevant and engaging results. At Blue Interactive, we do ample keyword research so that we can provide your website with content that has key phrases in it that search engines can identify while maintaining your unique company brand and selling points. The process is often very involved and may require a significant amount of content to be considered a good source of information.

    Keyword research also has other levels to consider such as understanding the target market. You have to know what search terms potential customers are using when they are looking for information, products, or services in your industry. At Blue Interactive Agency, we also take this process a step further by providing content marketing that hones in on search engine optimization that will more likely convert to sales. For example, a person searching for just the term “treats that dogs love” may just be searching for a home recipe that they can make their dogs and may not necessarily be looking to buy. On the other hand, a person searching for “buy dog treats in Fort Lauderdale” is undoubtedly looking to purchase dog treats in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    Quality content drives SEO effectiveness. At Blue Interactive, we can produce compelling web page copy, blogs that draw the interest of potential customers, and can provide you with longer articles that can solidify your website as an industry authority. We specialize in creating content for landing pages with high conversion rates so that when we use our content marketing strategies across platforms such as social media, then the blogs that are engaging customers direct them to a page that will facilitate sales.

    One of the last elements that we’ll explore is how providing quality content can allow your blog or product to be shared naturally across various platforms which in turn enhances your off-site linking presence. Off-site linking is a key component of SEO and will help your website to be considered an ideal, authoritative source of information. Effective search engine optimization has been changing consistently; however, one thing has remained constant, and that’s that quality content is a critical factor in SEO.


    Why Engage in Content Marketing?

    As we’ve discussed, content marketing is a crucial part of search engine optimization and therefore important for a marketing campaign. But why engage in content marketing outside of this reason?

    Content marketing allows your business to expand on your brand. Consistency throughout your brand messaging can allow a business to grow and succeed in its marketing efforts. To better explore this concept, you just need to look at the success of some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Apple. One of the main driving forces behind Apple’s success lies in its brand. Instead of marketing their products on their merits alone, Apple sought to create a brand that engages idealism and self-image. People want Apple products as a lifestyle choice as opposed to just a product that serves a basic function.

    Content marketing provides a platform for your brand. Your brand in content marketing comes through the style of writing, your unique business voice, and essentially allows you to pitch your brand to your target audience. Using content marketing to reinforce and enhance your brand can lead to your business growth. At Blue, we will enhance your brand and ensure that your ideal market is reached through the right channels at the right time.

    Many other content marketing factors can have a positive impact on your business growth. It can increase your audience retention by creating compelling content that drives your audience to come back for more. You can capture your audience’s attention and use it to continually reinforce your brand and services.

    Content marketing also helps to improve your social media traction. It may be easy to gain followers on social media, but it’s another thing to leverage those followers to increase sales and grow your business. Using engaging content on social media will help you convert followers into paying customers.

    A company without the trust of its audience isn’t likely going to be as successful as it could be. Through content marketing, it allows you to answer questions that your audience may have and create value that reinforces a client’s trust in your business. The more quality content that is provided to your target market, the greater your target market’s trust becomes in your business.

    By answering the question “why to engage in content marketing?” it should be clear that content marketing goes far beyond just improving your search engine results; it is a key component to your business’s success.


    Why Hire Blue as Your Content Specialists?

    Blue Interactive is one of the best content marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale. At Blue we don’t just focus on providing you with content that will help to engage your target market and allow your website to rank highly on search engines, we are here to help your business grow.

    At Blue, we see content marketing as a way to increase your sales and grow your business. As content marketing specialists with over 15 years of experience helping our clients increase their market share, we will work tirelessly to put your company at the forefront of your industry. Whether you are looking to expand to national or international levels, or you’re simply looking to grow your local business in Fort Lauderdale or other areas, Blue Interactive Agency has a custom solution for you.

    At Blue Interactive, we provide extensive performance tracking so that you can see exactly where your investment in content marketing is going. With our results-driven approach, nothing is hidden and you can make an informed decision on the effectiveness of our services as content specialists. We use our thorough performance tracking not just to show you exactly how we’ve helped your business to grow, but to see where improvements can be made. We are constantly exploring your content marketing strategy to ensure that it is delivering the type of results that you want.

    One of the main reasons why we are so successful as content specialists are our focus on marketing your unique business. We ensure that we fully understand your company’s voice, what makes your company unique, and exactly who your ideal audience is so that we can tailor-make and optimize your content to match these aspects perfectly. It is important to us that your business be represented in a way that brings out your strengths through the content marketing services that we provide.

    If you want to expand your online business, then reach out to Blue Interactive Agency today. We will raise your business to new heights and ultimately help your business to grow through your unique content marketing campaigns.