Blue Interactive Agency Announces Hire of Matthew Mader as Vice President

Blue Interactive Agency Annouces Hire of Matthew Mader as Vice President Fort Lauderdale

Blue Interactive Continues to Expand its Online Marketing Initiatives

As part of its continued expansion into online marketing, Blue Interactive Agency recently hired Matthew Mader to serve as Vice President.

Mader brings over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing and media sales industry to Blue Interactive. He recently served as the Chief Strategy Officer for Redirect Media Group and as the Associate Director of Digital Media for Zimmerman Advertising.

With his role at Blue Interactive, a marketing agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Mader will oversee client acquisition and development to ensure digital marketing strategies are maximized for each client. Mader believes the key to success for any business collaboration is not just understanding social influence and how to optimize digital distribution for each client, but the integrity of the people businesses collaborate with.

“The integrity of a person is a direct correlation to the level of success they will bring to a business. I have spent many years expanding and creating a presence for either myself or others with one goal in mind: keep the image clean and grow the reach,” Mader says.

Blue Interactive specializes in providing businesses with an entire range of online marketing services, including Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media influence. Established by Peter Brooke over 10 years ago, Blue Interactive possesses the online tools and resources to help small and large businesses thrive in the online world. The company cites its customized and individualized online marketing approach for each client as the driving force behind its recent growth and success.

“In today’s world, with all the ever-changing boundaries of marketing, you need to step out and create an engaging piece of art for each project,” Mader says.