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    PPC Campaigns for Addiction Treatment Centers

    The best addiction treatment centers are client-centric. Naturally, they prioritize the treatment needs of each individual in their care. But to attract clients and support their mission to help people successfully manage their addictions to drugs or alcohol, treatment rehabs have to invest time and resources into marking their centers too. The addiction treatment sector of the healthcare field is unique. Although more than 22 million people in the United States are suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, only a fraction of them will actually seek treatment. Rehabs, therefore, face some challenges in their quest to guide people to the crucial care they need to get better.

    Blue Interactive Agency fulfills a special niche as a leading marketing firm with a strong focus on addiction rehab services. We partner with clients all across the country to help them market what makes them special in their region and how they’re able to help clients manage their addiction effectively. These days, any business must explore ways to market themselves in the digital arena. Blue Interactive specializes in digital marketing. We can help you grow your practice so that you’re able to help as many individuals as possible put addiction behind them. 

    At Blue, we rely on a wide range of channels to help our clients market and grow their businesses. Pay per click marketing is one key means we use to promote our clients’ treatment centers online. There are some powerful benefits to investing in pay per click opportunities. Not only is pay per click advertising easy to launch quickly; it’s also incredibly easy to track and measure so that clients can gauge the success of their efforts. Pay per click (PPC) marketing is highly controllable; clients can determine their budgets, target audience, and more. 

    Our digital marketing specialists partner with our clients to help them set marketing goals in association with PPC and other advertising initiatives. The truth is, most brands are able to capitalize on this type of digital marketing solution. We can ensure that your treatment center is able to make the most of its PPC marketing campaign. 

    At Blue, we understand that our rehab clients have other priorities–a top priority to focus on their clients and treatment programs. That’s why we provide them with a robust range of digital marketing services, including PPC so that clients can focus on what they do best: helping people get better. We can manage each aspect of our clients’ digital marketing campaigns with our customized solutions. 

    There are 22 million people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction today. They’re suffering, their families are suffering, and entire communities are suffering too. How do you reach these people, how do you connect with them and demonstrate just how essential treatment is, and why you’re their best option to transform their lives and health for the better? You can let Blue work with you to develop the marketing strategies needed to attract clients to your door. Whether you engage us for services like PPC or other digital marketing services, you can trust our experience and expertise. 

    LegitScript PPC Companies

    It’s important for quality addiction treatment centers to have the digital ability to demonstrate that they are quality websites, complying with regulations and best practices. As you may know, there are many operators online who engage in questionable practices. LegitScript certification conveys to searchers that the site they’ve entered is a safe and trustworthy one and has been evaluated by a leading certifying body. 

    LegitScript is an internationally renowned organization that helps businesses of all types and sizes keep their services safe and legal for digital consumers. In order to perform this service, LegitScript employs a team of security experts and uses big data to assess the compliance eco-system for a wide array of complex and highly regulated business sectors that include pharmaceuticals, online gambling, payment service providers, addiction rehabs, and more. 

    Clients who work with Blue Interactive can expect to enter this compliance ecosystem as we support their efforts to obtain LegitScript certification. This type of certification helps our clients grow their business while garnering the trust of the internet’s largest search engines such as Google, online payment companies, regulatory agencies, and more. It’s not just mere formality to achieve LegitScript certification; it’s an empowering tool that tells prospective patients that your business and its services can be trusted. 

    Here are some of the key benefits you can look forward to upon achieving LegitScript certification:

    Rehab Differentiation: Not only do you want to stand out from other rehabs in the eyes of prospective clients, but you want to ensure that what makes you different and better attracts search engines too. After all, it’s the search engines that will get your business in front of the eyes of those prospective clients. Addiction Treatment Certification from LegitScript is a compelling differentiator that Google and other search engines will factor in when delivering search results even if it’s not a differentiator that patients are aware of. However, you can alert clients via your website that you are LegitScript certified and convey exactly what that means and why they should care. 

    Enhanced Advertising: With LegitScript, you may be able to increase online advertising measures with search engines that have suspended the practice. Owing to advertising problems in the rehab sector, many search engines disallowed rehabs from advertising. LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification is one way to win back the privilege, which can be a definite game-changer in this highly competitive field. 

    Third-Party Approval: Finally, your addiction treatment center can benefit from certification because LegitScript is a highly respected third-party certifying body. It’s not only recognized by Google, but also by Facebook and Bing. With certification, prospective clients don’t simply have to take you at your word. You can point to your certification and its rigorous validation of your website and services. 

    Blue Interactive can help you navigate the process and help you achieve this type of certification. With these benefits, you can grow your business and attract more clients to your doors.

    How does your addiction treatment company convey legitimacy? How does it differentiate itself from the vast pool of rehab providers, some of whom engage in questionable practices to treat or attract clients? Blue Interactive takes a multi-step approach to the legitimacy challenge. LegitScript certification is one measure we rely on, and it’s a robust one at that. However, we also strive to employ the best digital marketing measures and more trusted practices to promote our clients’ treatment centers and services. When clients partner with Blue, they can benefit from our experience and trustworthy marketing solutions. 

    How to Drive New Patient Growth
    in the Rehab Space Via Google AdWords

    Google Adwords, also known simply as Google Ads, can drive patient growth for your addiction treatment center just as it drives growth for businesses in any other sector and industry. Businesses rely on Google Ads to connect with and engage prospective customers and clients. Google’s cost-per-click bidding system may seem daunting at first, but digital marketing specialists understand that it’s not merely about making the highest bids. Google prioritizes businesses who create relevant ads–ads that are of superior quality. Great ads achieve better positioning with the search engine giant. Consequently, it pays for businesses to partner with digital marketing firms like Blue that specialize in Google Adwords and ads.

    Google Ads offers businesses numerous benefits regardless of their size or business type. If you want to reach potential clients, Google Ads can extend your digital reach. In fact, Adwords allows you to compete on the same level with large rehab networks with national coverage even if you’re a small local treatment center. When your potential audience is searching for treatment options, Google Ads can help you ensure that one of those options presented is your rehab. That’s a game-changer because large networks typically have more marketing dollars to spend attracting those potential clients. Google Ads levels the playing field so that smaller outfits and businesses with relevant ads can still compete in their local markets.

    Another aspect of Google Ads is that it offers users consistent reach. It’s a surefire bet–and those aren’t traditionally easy to come by in the marketing arena. Your business likely has only so many marketing dollars to spend. How many of them can you afford to waste on unsuccessful marketing measures? Whether you can afford to lose those dollars or not, certainly nobody wants to achieve a poor return on their investment. With Google Ads, you can rely on a more consistent ROI and steady stream of traffic to your website. 

    One of the ways that Google Ads allows your treatment center to achieve greater marketing success is with its search targeting capabilities. Marketers who use Google Ads can target highly specific searches. Moreover, you can choose different keywords and phrasing for each of your ad group marketing campaigns. Google also allows you to change those keywords and keyword phrases at any time, so you can continually optimize your ads.

    That’s not the end of the story either. After targeting searchers, you can retarget them using Google Ads. If your ad has attracted a potential client and they’ve visited your website, you can retarget them in pursuit of their continued interest and, hopefully, conversion. Google Ads features functionality that will allow you to follow potential customers in Google search or Google Display networks. Although this functionality costs a bit extra, it yields solid results. The more that people see your logo and are reminded of your services, the more you can build brand awareness. 

    Blue Interactive uses Google Ads to ensure that clients’ ads are seen and optimized. Our digital specialists are adept Google Ads users. They rely on the platform for its customizable options that allow them to carefully track and measure the success of clients’ campaigns. You can rely on the team at Blue to help you achieve ad campaign’s goals such as:

    • Improved return on investment
    • Increased website traffic
    • Enhanced brand recognition
    • More conversions (i.e. more clients enrolling in your treatment programs)

    The analytics associated with Google Ads are stellar. Our specialists can provide our clients with reports that detail the ad headlines achieving the best click-thru rates, the top-performing keywords, the most productive times for running ads, and so forth. 

    Another great aspect of our work with Google Ads is that we can simultaneously run multiple ad campaigns for single clients. For instance, some clients may want to promote certain programs or services. For instance, not all treatment rehabs feature dual diagnosis treatment. We can run a separate campaign to highlight specialized treatment offerings in our clients’ locale. At the same time, we can also run a campaign that spotlights a clients’ luxury amenities and, rather than targeting their local audience, we can expand that reach to capture more out-of-state interest. All this, of course, depends on each client’s specific marketing goals. We employ the best strategies designed to meet those goals while making the most of Google Ads and its suite of tools.

    How Blue Leverages PPC to Get
    New Patients into Your Rehab Center

    To win more clients, rehabs need to attract more leads. PPC is an effective means for building your lead pool. Blue Interactive has a track record for lead generation success. But, here’s the thing we stress to our own clients. The ‘leads’ we’re trying to attract aren’t people who may or may not need eco-friendly upholstery cleaner, affordable dog toys, or home furnishings. These are people who are in need of help, potentially life-saving help. Behind all of our strategies is our understanding of what’s at stake. We know that pairing patients with quality rehabs is life-saving work, so there’s a lot riding on our strategies. In short, we take lead generation incredibly seriously because it is essential for allowing our clients to do their good work and to help patients get the treatment they need to safeguard their health and future well-being. 

    To that end, we have developed a wide range of dynamic strategies for PPC lead generation and drug rehab SEO services. Often, our PPC specialists begin with keyword research. Using the right keywords is essential for building a successful PPC marketing campaign. The most effective keywords are, of course, those related to your business. In this case, the keywords will be related to addiction treatment, inpatient rehab, medical detox, and so forth. We help our clients choose keywords that are best aligned with their current marketing campaign goals. When people search for these keywords, they’re more likely to pull up our clients’ ads and website.

    But choosing keywords, which have a cost, is also about marketing in accordance with your budget. Our digital marketing specialists understand budget constraints and how to choose the best keywords to achieve the best results. We can target high-value keywords as well as create more expansive ads that are loaded with relevant keywords as your budget allows. 

    Effective headlines and calls to action are also crucial for attracting patients to your ads. Not all marketing firms have the experience needed to successfully manage and develop winning PPC marketing campaigns. At Blue, we’ve invested resources in finding the most experienced and talented marketing specialists who have a track record for running successful PPC ad campaigns. Moreover, one of our key marketing niches is within the field of addiction medicine and addiction treatment. Our specialized experience gives us an edge over agencies who are new to this highly specialized field. 

    And, we cannot overstress the importance of testing and analyzing our measures when it comes to PPC marketing. Our teams are continually monitoring and tracking the progress of their work in order to carefully refine the ads. We certainly want to meet our customers’ expectations, but it’s even better when we’re able to surpass them. Without a heavy focus on analytics, marketing professionals can’t honestly gauge how their efforts are paying off for clients. 

    When you contract with Blue for PPC marketing services, we will keep you abreast of our work and its progress with easy-to-understand reports. Clients deserve to know precisely how their marketing investment in PPC is paying off. We have the tools and resources to measure accurately and consistently. And, we use these measurements to enhance our work, developing new strategies based on real-time reporting. It’s just one of the ways we’ve been able to achieve lead generation success for our clients.

    YouTube Ads for Drug Rehab Centers:
    How It Works and Why You Need It

    Seeing is believing. Video marketing is a compelling force for businesses who rely on it. Blue Interactive can work with your rehab center to market its video content on social networks like YouTube. This type of dynamic advertising can help you attract targeted leads who are serious about seeking help for their addiction. This type of video content can also help you differentiate yourself from the many other treatment centers operating in your locale. If your budget allows, you should incorporate YouTube advertising in your marketing campaign–and Blue can help. 

    It’s one thing to tell a potential patient about your rehab’s luxury amenities in text-based content. It’s another thing entirely when they’re able to view your private rooms, swimming pool, personal-trainer staffed gym, and ultra-comfortable meeting room spaces. The types of video ads you run can have a powerful impact on your audience. Seeing someone like themselves sitting down with an empathetic counselor on screen may be what finally convinces them to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation. Your treatment center can use video content to spotlight its brand values and attract an audience that might not even be searching for text-based content. It’s an alternative marketing option that has immense reach. 

    Blue Interactive features many strategies for helping our rehab clients attract more patients to their doors. YouTube marketing is one of our go-to marketing channels because its reach is enormous. It features a wide range of users that crosses economic-socio divides. People with different backgrounds and lifestyles tune into YouTube. Adults of all ages rely on YouTube to search for information. Did you know that YouTube reaches more adults in the age range of 18-49 than any other broadcast network? It’s very likely that much of your target audience is on YouTube. We believe you should have a presence there.

    Blue will partner with your rehab to develop your YouTube marketing strategies. Fortunately, advanced targeting is available, so even with a modest marketing budget, you can tap into the network’s immense lead pool. There are multiple pricing options, and research shows that each is associated with a great ROI. High ROI and flexible pricing make YouTube a favorite marketing channel for a wide array of businesses today, including organizations in the healthcare sector. 

    Of course, video marketing on YouTube isn’t quite like PPC or email marketing. It’s associated with text-based elements that have to be included (i.e. keywords), but it is highly visual and may require different kinds of calls to action. It’s important for your treatment center to work with an agency like Blue that has experience developing and managing YouTube marketing campaigns. We rely on many social media networks to help clients grow their businesses, but we’ve taken steps to ensure that our YouTube marketing prowess is on point given its great scope and promise. 

    Each hour, more than 500 hours of video content get uploaded to YouTube. When you upload your content, you need to know that your investment will pay off and that your content will stand out from the rest. Our digital marketing specialists are highly trained and experienced with YouTube marketing. We’ll help you make the most of your digital marketing dollars using this powerful medium. 

    Optimized Landing Pages That Convert
    in the Rehab Space

    An effective landing page converts visitors into enthusiastic leads. Blue Interactive specializes in landing page optimization. This means that our digital marketing pros will take measures to improve each aspect of your landing page(s) with an eye toward conversion. We don’t rely on hunches or guesswork to improve your landing pages. We employ solid data and experience to improve your pages for improved lead generation. 

    With Blue, a landing page isn’t one and done. While we develop robust landing pages informed by compelling data before they ever go live, we also carefully track and monitor them to ensure they’re meeting our goals. By tracking them, we can determine what is working best. This allows us to copy outstanding measures for use in your other landing pages. We can also refine any elements that aren’t hitting the numbers we want to see. Continual tracking allows us to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

    Landing pages are a speciality for the team at Blue so they’ve got to meet our criteria for potential success before they’re launched. We’ve developed a wide array of strategies for optimizing landing pages so that they perform as expected. From simple yet compelling designs to clear calls to action, our strategies have a track record for success. In addition, our SEO gurus will ensure that your landing pages are SEO-friendly. We leave no detail ignored in our quest to win your rehab more patients. 

    Look, if you’re investing in a PPC marketing campaign and taking great pains to develop winning ads, you can’t risk your campaign’s overall success with weak landing pages. If your ads persuade a potential client to click, the landing page they arrive at should contain all the bells and whistles needed to convince them to answer your call to action. Great ads are only half of what it takes to secure marketing victory in this regard; terrific optimized landing pages are the other half. 

    Also, keep in mind that there are different types of landing pages. At Blue, we’re adept at working with the various forms these pages can take. Whether you’re using them to generate leads, collect data, or even to provide in-depth information, you can rely on our services to help you develop them with our optimization techniques. As always, we’ll continue to monitor and report on their performance so you always know where your digital marketing campaign stands. 

    If you operate an addiction treatment rehab, you’re likely focused on your patients and treatment programs. Marketing your rehab and services is an entirely separate mission. We invite you to partner with our digital marketing specialists at Blue Interactive and allow us to do what we do best–win more clients for our customers. We feature a robust suite of digital marketing solutions, including PPC, SEO, landing page development, and more. Because we work within the field of rehab marketing, we understand the unique challenges that our clients face as they attempt to market locally and nationally. Our team is responsive and our solutions are flexible and customizable. Consult with us and allow us to demonstrate how we can help you grow your rehab practice to help more patients transform their lives and health.