Blue Interactive Agency Starts New Internship Program with Florida Marketing Students


Fort Lauderdale, Florida — Blue Interactive Agency is now bringing Florida Atlantic University marketing students from Boca Raton into its office to foster an innovative learning environment while also giving the next generation of marketers valuable working experience in the field.

Not only are FAU students learning the ins and outs of digital marketing, but they also are playing an integral part in the success of Blue’s clients. Interns are given guidance and training on how to approach each assignment while also having the chance to implement any changes or suggestions they believe will increase clients’ return on investment.

One of the FAU interns, Brianna Brown, helps run social media campaigns for Blue Interactive’s clients. She also lends a hand when extra help is needed for reporting and publishing, among other marketing work.

“As an intern for Blue, I appreciate the opportunity to work on diverse projects, gain experience in different areas of marketing, and receive mentorship and guidance from experienced marketing professionals that I work with,” Brown said.

Interns get the chance to sit in on client meetings and be an active part of team brainstorming. Not only are they treated like a full-time employee, but they also are invited to team building outings and weekly lunches in the office.

Blue Interactive aims to continue this newly added internship program for years, filling these positions with diligent and hardworking students. After interns graduate, they could be hired on full time — giving them an opportunity to turn a classroom experience into a real-world career in digital marketing.

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