How to Use SEO Copywriting for your Website to Improve Rankings

SEO Copywriting for your WebsiteFind out using SEO copywriting for your website it can help you gain higher search rankings

Is your website a no-show in search results? Time to use SEO copywriting to improve your website rankings! Studies show that 89 percent of consumers turn to search engines when researching products, businesses, and services. The majority of those customers (75%, according to HubSpot) never make it past the first page of search results. So it makes sense that achieving a high search ranking is a top marketing priority for your company.  If your website is making a poor showing in search results, you can use SEO copywriting for your website to improve search rankings.

What is SEO copywriting?

If you are wondering, what is SEO copywriting; it is often defined as writing web content that is appealing to human readers and optimized for search engines.  Google and the other search engines use algorithms (computer formulas) that consider a number of factors when assigning rankings in search results. SEO copywriting provides the best and most reliable way to improve website rankings, because it creates content that is specifically designed to meet the criteria that guides Google’s rankings.

How can SEO copywriting be used to improve rankings?

If you are trying to figure out how to improve website rankings with SEO copywriting, we have some tips on SEO copywriting that will help your website gain a higher position in search results:

1. Write original, relevant, and compelling blogs

One of the factors Google considers when assigning search rank is if your website is regularly updated with fresh, original content. Syndicated content that you subscribe to is not going to give you the ranking boost you seek. Using your SEO copywriting skills to create an original daily or weekly blog for your website is the best way to improve your rankings.

2. Add in the latest trending keywords and phrases in your industry

The ultimate purpose of search engines is to give searchers the best answer to the question or keyword that they enter, so webpages that include the searched term or phrases in the content are going to earn higher rankings. Your web content should include the latest trending keywords and phrases for your industry. Google considers context and keyword density, so keywords should be entered in the correct frequency, with near match keywords scattered throughout the content to provide context.

3. Format your content for the highest ranking

Google (and your customers!) appreciate content that is easy to read, with bolded header tags, and sub-headings to direct visitors to the most important concepts on each webpage. Use short paragraphs or bulleted content to make your content easier to skim, and use keywords in header tags where possible to help raise your rankings.

4. Create outbound links to reputable sources

Creating several links with in your content that connects it to reputable sources gives your content a reliability boost. This SEO copywriting strategy directly translates into higher rankings. Make sure outbound links are of high quality, because connections with dubious sites can actually lower your search ranking.

5. If all else fails, turn to professional copywriting services

If all this sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry. You can call in professional help to save the day. Many companies rely on professional copywriting services to create content for their websites. A professional SEO copywriter who is experienced in your vertical can create interesting, compelling content that is perfectly optimized to help you gain the highest possible ranking on search engines.

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