Re-Energize Your Small Business Marketing Efforts by Optimizing Existing Content

How to breathe new marketing life into your old content

Small Business MarketingLooking for a way to rev up your small business marketing efforts without having to spend hours writing additional new content? There’s no question that publishing interesting, relevant content is the best way to supercharge your online marketing strategies to make them more effective.

But if you’re like most small business owners, you already have your hands full running your company. You simply don’t have enough free time to produce more content than the weekly or bi-weekly blog you already author.

We’ve got good news! If your company has already produced enough content that you have a sizable content bank built up, you can re-energize your small business marketing efforts simply by optimizing your existing content. Updating and republishing your renewed content can actually help you achieve a much greater marketing reach than you can generate using only new content.

All it takes to optimize your existing content and renew your small business marketing strategies is just 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Analyze your content bank

Before you can start enjoying a re-energized online marketing strategy, you need to analyze your existing content to find blogs that will help you gain the most marketing reach. Don’t be surprised to find that your older posts are actually doing a better job of generating new leads than your newer posts, particularly if you have a large list of subscribers.

There’s a very logical reason for this: your subscribers are already “in the loop,” as established customers so you need new visitors to see your posts to generate new leads.  And that depends on search.

Older posts that have generated a significant amount of traffic have already proved their relevance, which gives them a leg up on search engine positioning, which in turn helps them generate more organic search traffic. Time to capitalize on that cycle.

Step 2: Identify high-potential posts
You’re looking for two specific types of blog content:

  • Past posts that are getting a lot of traffic but not converting well
  • Posts that still generate a high number of conversions even though they aren’t getting a lot of search traffic

Once you’ve identified these high potential posts, you can start optimizing them.

Step 3: Make your posts more attractive to search engines
There are several actions you can take to re-energize your existing content by making it more attractive to Google and the other search engines.

  • Identify the keywords visitors are using to reach your blogs, and then incorporate them throughout your content in the text, title, and images of your posts
  • Keep the same URL that’s generating visits, but add relevant keywords into your title
  • Update your links to include internal links as well as outbound links with authority

Step 4: Update posts to make them more appealing to visitors

Renovate your older posts to improve their quality and make them more attractive to visitors.

  • Add some eye-catching visuals
  • Re-format text into short, easy-to-read sections
  • Update facts and figures with current information

Step 5: Pair your content with offers that are highly relevant and targeted
Upgrade your posts with offers that are tightly targeted and directly relevant to their content. For example, if you’re a realtor with a blog about obtaining commercial property mortgages, you shouldn’t pair it with a call to action that offers an e-book on readying your home for sale because that won’t appeal to the readers of that post. Pairing that content with an offer for a checklist for buying commercial properties will generate a much greater response.

Step 6: Optimize your CTAs

When you adjust your calls to action to provide the best possible user experience, they end up generating more responses. Use smart CTAs that are personalized so that any known visitor information is already filled in, and adjust the form parameters so it only appears to new traffic instead of annoying repeat visitors.

Experiment with the placement of your CTAs to see what generates the best response. Try p your CTAs in a popup window across the screen or through anchor text directly within your blogs, as well as at the bottom of your blog.

Step 7: Republish your renewed content

Change the publish date on your refreshed content to bring it current and republish on the web. Promote it across the full array of your online marketing strategies as if it were brand new, using social media, email, and SEO strategies to put it in front of a large pool of interested visitors.

Optimizing your existing content through these steps should re-energize your small business marketing efforts and give you a significant boost in conversion rates. For more content marketing tips along with complete support for your small business marketing strategies, you can always turn to Blue Interactive Agency. Our dedicated team of marketers can provide you with everything you need to re-energize your content marketing strategies including responsive web design, professional content creation services, interactive marketing strategies, monthly social marketing packages, and more.

Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 for help in re-energizing your small business content marketing strategy to extend your marketing reach!