How to Use Segmentation to Improve Your Emails

How to Use Segmentation to Improve Your EmailsWhy segmentation should be a part of your email marketing strategy

As a dedicated marketer, you’re always working to improve your emails and make them more effective. You craft catchy subject lines, incorporate limited time offers, and optimize your emails for mobile so they look great on any device. If you’re looking for a way to really rev up your email marketing strategy, it’s time you gave segmentation a try. Marketers of every type are discovering that segmenting their email lists makes their email strategies vastly more effective. According to The Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report, 39% of marketers who segmented their email lists experienced higher open rates, and 28% of the marketers surveyed experienced lower unsubscribe rates. A MailChimp survey found that marketers who used segmented email campaigns saw a click rate more than 50% higher than those with non-segmented lists. With response rates like this, isn’t it time you learned how to use segmentation to improve your emails? Read on to learn what email segmentation can do for you.

Why you should develop an email marketing segmentation strategy

  • Your contacts have different interests
    No matter what product or service your company sells, you are going to have a diverse customer base with a variety of interests. Your customers have different reasons and motivations for their purchasing decisions, so an email that prompts one contact to make a purchase will be ignored by another. Think of hotel customers…. A discount for a romantic weekend getaway that is the perfect enticement for newlyweds will hold no appeal for a family of four looking for a family-friendly vacation. With a segmented email list you can send personalized emails designed to appeal to each segment’s interests.
  • Your contacts are at different places in the sales cycle
    Contacts are constantly joining your email marketing list, and they all move through the sales cycle at their own pace. Email segmentation differentiates between casual browsers joining your email list from curiosity and contacts who are actively seeking a solution to a current problem. Correctly identifying each contact’s stage in the sales cycle enables you to send appropriate offers to each segment that will help move them further down the sales funnel.
  • Email segmentation leads to better results
    You can use as many conditions as you wish to define each segment, so you can precisely craft email offers that will appeal to each group. Unlike static email lists, email segments update in real time to reflect each customers’ current place in the sales cycle. You achieve much better results because your emails are precisely targeted to provide offers that match what your customers are interested in right now, with no overlap in material.

How to use segmentation to achieve better email marketing
There are many ways you can use email segmentation to increase your marketing effectiveness.  Once you implement an email marketing segmentation strategy, you will be able to:

  • Identify active leads –Track contacts that demonstrate interest by performing specific actions such as opening a newsletter and downloading one of your white papers
  • Create targeted onboarding campaigns – Set email campaigns that activate when contacts that fit a certain buyer persona perform different marketing events
  • Accurately measure the success of your campaigns – Create segments to track contacts that trigger an event then take a desired action. Segments are limitless, so you can identify multiple conditions to create specialized segments that follow contacts through the entire sales cycle.

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