Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Content Marketing Strategies for Small BusinessesOne of the most effective, budget friendly approaches to drive traffic and build awareness for your business is through effective content marketing. This includes creating and distributing relevant content to attract and engage your target audience. Content marketing can range from publishing status updates and photos on Facebook and Twitter, to writing stimulating blog posts and posting videos on YouTube.

Regular blog posts serve as an effective marketing strategy for all businesses, as it maximizes online presence and search engine ranking, helps to reinforce your business’s brand, and provides a broad reach to your target audience. Here are some tips for cultivating your content marketing strategy as a tool for your business:


  • Content should be frequent and timely. To effectively inform your reader about relevant and current information as it relates to your industry, you will need to post when the action happens, to be of service to your reader and to also show that your business has its finger on the pulse of everything happening in your industry, like important progress and changes.


  • Content should have consistent direction and focus. Incorporate the essence of your business’s brand into the blog, using visual reminders – color scheme, logo, and font. Create content that is relevant to your industry. You want your readers to know what to expect your blog to be about when they read it. This will help establish faithful readership.


  • Utilize this channel to strategically revive your current business, or to launch a new product, service, or offer new incentives. You want your blog to be useful to your readers, serve as a valuable resource, and also act as a marketing conduit, as long as your not creating the impression that all you’re trying to do is sell something with every post.


  • Make sure you are providing content to your targeted audience that appeals to their demographic. Use your blog to highlight your products and services, and focus on your potential customer, being sure to provide content that they want to read about. Are you speaking to retirees? Families? Young professionals? Keep your audience in mind and cater to their interests as it relates to your industry. This maximizes the time spent developing your content and will yield more effective results.


  • Your blog should be chock full of relevant information and sources. Reference your sources with live links, which will make it interactive for the reader, and will also improve the blog’s search engine optimization. Increased SEO will increase your blog’s visibility.


  • Plan your content ahead of time. Start simply by brainstorming blog titles, and then list key bullet points under each title. This will provide a decent framework for your blog, and will also outline the subject matter that will be covered for a period of time. A good content marketing strategy here is to first review your Google analytics, check which pages of your site are the most popular, and then check the referring pages to see how users are getting to those pages. This should provide strong clues about the types of content your website’s visitors are looking for.


  • Create content that instantly captivates. It’s a fact that users typically spend less than one minute on any given webpage, so it is smart to create content that can be easily read in under a minute. Web users scan and prefer easily consumable morsels of content. Endless paragraphs will lose the reader immediately. Try breaking up your content into short sections, making it easier to read, and use headers and sub headers to fit in your keywords and phrases. Bolding certain words and using bullet points will also make it easy for readers to scan but still absorb most of your content quickly.


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