Web Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

web marketing vs internet marketingWeb Marketing vs. Internet Marketing… is there really a difference? If your company is making its first foray into the world of websites, social media, and online marketing, you may be tempted to think these terms can be used interchangeably. In a casual discussion, it may not really matter whether you say you are going online, on the Internet, or on the web, because your audience will understand what you mean. When you are planning a marketing campaign that will affect the financial well-being of your company, however, it is essential to understand the difference.

The Internet is a massive network of networks, connecting millions of computers together globally. There are many popular ways of accessing the Internet, including the World Wide Web (commonly referred to as the web), email, interactive software applications (known as apps), instant messaging services, and more. When users access the Internet via the web, they use browser software such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that allows them to access and move between different locations of information, known as webpages. Webpages can consist of documents, images, and other resources, which are interrelated by hyperlinks.

Just a short time ago, the majority of people who accessed the Internet did it via the web from a desktop or laptop computer, but the widespread usage of mobile devices has transformed how we interact with the Internet. Smartphones and tablets now account for the majority of Internet traffic, accounting for 55% in January 2014, according to research firm Enders Analysis. When users first began using smartphones to access the Internet, they did so using a web browser, but now apps have taken center stage. Smartphone users now spend 89% of their online time using apps; if you accessed Facebook or Twitter, listened to music on Pandora, used any of Google’s services (Google+, Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps, etc.), checked your stocks or did any one of hundreds of online actions using your smartphone this morning, you most likely did it using an app.

Web marketing reaches customers who are accessing the Internet through the World Wide Web. Internet marketing reaches customers in a variety of ways they access the Internet, encompassing web marketing and so much more. The most effective Internet marketing strategies include:

  • Web Marketing
    To be effective, web marketing strategies must include:
    • Creating a dynamic website design
    • Monitoring web analytics
    • Applying search engine optimization (SEO) to reach customers through organic search engine results
    • Online advertising on search engines
  • Email Marketing
    An effective email marketing campaign can include a weekly newsletter subscription, valuable offers, or interesting and relevant information that will keep your customers engaged.
  • Social Media Marketing
    In recent years social media marketing strategies have become an essential part of internet marketing campaigns. Reaching customers through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms helps you to interest, attract, and engage customers, while building valuable links that maximize your web marketing efforts.
  • Content Marketing
    Experience has proven that the best, most reliable way to attract customers is through relevant and informative content. Content marketing utilizes a variety of interactive marketing strategies, from authoring an informative blog to posting instructional videos, and more to reach customers across a variety of media.
  • Mobile Marketing
    The proliferation of mobile devices has made reaching customers through their mobile devices an essential part of every Internet marketing strategy. A complete mobile marketing campaign can include:
    • SMS marketing
    • App-based marketing
    • In-game marketing
    • QR codes
    • Location-based marketing

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